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Renowned for its eclectic ambience, jaw-dropping performances and impeccable service, Billionaire boasts a new lineup of talent. Guests are invited to revel in an experience that transports them to the most majestic shows, perfectly finessed by an array of skilled talent never seen before in Dubai.


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The experience is decked with perfection throughout, from the stupefying acts to the variety of delicious food. In true Billionaire fashion, guests can select mouth-watering dishes from two different menus. For those looking for an exotic touch, the Japanese menu is loaded with rich dishes such as the colourful sushi platter. Those looking to delve into hearty options can opt for the Italian menu, embellished with truffle and soul such as the Truffle Pasta. 




The Randol’s


Massimo and Denise Randol are a testament to passion in their projects, the couple started their dynamic roller-skating act over 20 years ago and have never looked back.


Massimo and Denise specialise in a unique technique of dancing and acrobats, the most thrilling part is the fact that the dynamic stunts are all executed while on roller skates on a narrow podium. On Queen Latifah’s show, Massimo Randol had this to say “We’ve been together for twenty years; we have also got a child together. The love we have is real, and it can be seen throughout our show.” The couple has been praised for their risky acts by audiences around the world. For the last 11 years, they have graced the stages on every continent.





The Lads


Introducing a brand new and unmissable hand-to-hand act to their world-class and ever-changing show.


The Lads are sure to dazzle and delight audiences with their daring hand-to-hand act, performing gravity-defining tricks and showcasing their strength, flexibility, and power. The two amazing performers behind The Lads are Jack, from the UK and Tiago from Portugal – adding to the diverse mix of nationalities that make up Billionaire’s cosmopolitan cast. Original and daring, The
Lads will take to the stage alongside Billionaire’s world-class performers for the original and dramatically orchestrated show.




Antonio Vargas


Hailing from Spain, Antonio Vargas is a force to be reckoned with.


The Spanish sensation comes with a range of mind-boggling talents that are sure to leave guests in awe and admiration. Antonio is renowned for his dynamic performances of hand balancing and acrobatic dance. The multi-talented performer has showcased his talents in a magnitude of ways, whether it's balancing on the stages of Spain’s Got Talent or on the big screen in hit Italian TV show Amici, Vargas is a chameleon in the making. Antonio now graces the stage of Billionaire with a powerful routine, defying the laws of gravity whilst gracefully showcasing a routine that has everyone in a state of simultaneous wonder and perplexity.


Timings: Tuesday-Sunday, from 9 pm till late
Location: Taj Hotel, Burj Khalifa Street, Dubai   
To Book: Please call or WhatsApp: +971 (0) 56 678 3357


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