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French / Cameroon Rudolf Ouea has travelled far and wide spreading joy through fitness and hip hop dance, so Dubai Night just had to speak to the man himself about what his next “steps” are…
How have you been spending your summer Rudolf?
My summer has been great. During the month of July, we held our first hip hop cardio event at Lucky Voice Dubai. I then judged the Titan Dance Dxb competition, which is a new dance platform in Dubai for various dance crews to compete against each other. I then travelled to Cameroon to choreograph the opening and closing ceremony of the Miss Ecrans Noir, organized by Valerie Ayena. This is part of the Ecrans Noir Film Festival, which hosts a wide variety of film productions from African directors and producers mostly in the Central African region. Thereafter I travelled to Paris to celebrate the French winning the football World Cup :) as well as to spend some time with friends and family.

Tell us about your background and how you found your way to Dubai?
I was born and raised in Paris, France but my father is from Cameroon and my mother from Reunion Island. I have been dancing hip hop for the past 14 years. My training in Paris and thereafter I began to travel abroad to teach various classes and workshops as well as taking part in many different dance battles as a competitor and a judge. 
Initially I was invited to Dubai to introduce an event concept which I had already done in Paris, which involved different DJ’s and dancers as the features of the event party. One of my good friends was living here, so I also visited him and took advice from him about setting up my own company here. Thereafter I decided to take the risk and leave my life in Paris and start up my business here.
What has been your biggest performance to date?
Competing in Juste Debout Dance Competition which is held in Paris. One of the biggest dance battle competitions in the world.
What were you doing prior to Hip Hop Cardio?
I set up my event company, HTBCD, as well as teaching hip hop classes and performing at various events throughout Dubai. Nikki Beach, Red Fest, National Day event in Abu Dhabi to name a few.
Tell us more about Hip Hop Cardio?
Hip Hop Cardio is a concept I developed to bring dance and fitness together in a new, unique, fun and exciting way that has not been done here yet. Using my knowledge and expertise in hip hop and adding a fitness edge to it, I developed it for it to be accessible to everyone, not only dancers. My vision with Hip Hop Cardio is to create a community where everyone is welcome to join, get fit, learn some hip hop and ultimately just enjoy the classes we offer. 

What is the next step for this concept?
The next STEPS, as that we have a lot in store for Hip Hop Cardio. After the success of our first event at Lucky Voice Dubai, we are currently working on the second edition which will be held at a different location so be sure to look out for us:) We are also branching out with our classes and are opening new classes in different gyms around Dubai and hopefully thereafter introduce this concept in other Emirates. We are keeping it local before we take it international :)
What gave you the idea for this concept?
I noticed that in Dubai, there is a huge wave around the fitness lifestyle and on the other side, going out, I also noticed the interest and love people have for hip hop music, so I got the idea to bring the two together. I wanted to keep the class fun and simple but still ensure that people gained something from the class, whether it be on a fitness level or learning some new and fresh dance moves.

Where can we catch you in action?
Mondays and Wednesdays: 8:30pm - 9:30pm 
Core Club Pro, 14th Floor, Exchange Tower, Business Bay 
Tuesday: 8:30 - 9:30pm 
The Warehouse Gym, Al Quoz
Saturday: 7:30pm - 8:30pm (as of the 15th of September)
NRG Fitness Marina
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