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A little history goes a long way. So we’ll keep this short.

Tom & Serg was established in Dubai in 2013 by Tom Arnel and Sergio Lopez. Tom comes from Australia. Sergio comes from Spain. Tom likes making good food. Sergio likes eating it.

Every dish is crafted to satisfy the highest standard in the land. Ours. Ditto for the
ingredients. And while many restaurants treat their recipes like state secrets, we believe that any recipe worth making is worth sharing. So if you want to know exactly how something is prepared, ask. There’s no mystery in how we do what we do – just the freshest ingredients crafted with patience, care and forethought.


Craving a Roast Dinner? Can’t be bothered cooking? Worry no more, we have you covered! Enjoy the Tom & Serg ‘Rule the Roast’ with all the trimmings! Free Jam Doughnuts with every order 

Dm us, call or WhatsApp to order on 056 474 6812
For curb side pickup and takeaway only from 6.30pm till late.