The Maine Land Brasserie

The Maine Land Brasserie

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Located at Zaha Hadid’s Magnum Opus in Business Bay, The MAINE Land Brasserie is the newest outpost of the brand designed for the downtown crowd.
His third helping of nostalgia, The MAINE Man, Joey Ghazal, breathes fresh life into the familiar brasserie genre, grafting the present onto the past, with a blend of period fidelity and contemporary gloss.
Capturing the clubby spirit of a handsomely timeworn brasserie this MAINE resembles an old world steakhouse with a strong undertow of sensuality.

Designed with a jaw dropping neo-speakeasy aesthetic, every accidentally-on-purpose detail, from the soaring double-height ceilings, well-worn floor tiles, bentwood rattan chairs, cathedralesque windows, crystal chandeliers and a charcoal grill that dominates the room, makes you feel as though The MAINE Land Brasserie has been in business, and you’ve been a regular, forever.

The menu cascades from shellfish to snails and fresh fish to bespoke steak cuts that are aged to perfection for insatiable carnivores to enjoy. A few 'old war horses' from the original MAINE menu in JBR have been summoned, but the menu features new dishes that will surprise and delight. The long bar is the 'crown jewel' of the room, manned by an army of skilled mixologists with a slavish allegiance to the craft of fine cocktail making.

Opening hours


Gin Fever (Happy Hour)
Sundays and Mondays from 5PM to 8PM
The perfect start to your week, our Botanical Gin Trolley
features twelve carefully chosen Boutique Gins that you can enjoy at 2 for 1.
You'll be spoilt for choice, we guarantee.

Shuck Fest
EVERYDAY 6pm till 8pm
Oysters get many people, shucking excited.
There is no place better to have freshly shucked oysters than our Shuck Fest, 10 AED a Shuck.


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