Venue Info

Mexican House & Cocktail-bar


O CACTI is a top notch sizzling Latin-themed restaurant and cocktail bar, taking its form as a Mediterranean mansion
O CACTI is a fine-dining establishment offering the ultra- luxury in Mexican-Authentic cuisine
O CACTI is perceived as a symbol of latest innovation and creativity in Food-Art , entertainment & leisure


Well diversified menu of Mexican-Authentic cuisine
O CACTI creates its true identity by serving unique signature dishes
O CACTI Schumann branded cocktail- bar serves the latest libation innovations
As well as mouth- watering tastes.
An exclusive selection of the finest wines from all around the world


A breath-taking selection of exclusive remixes and commercial Latin hits
Mind-blowing performances will be presented by International DJ’s and Latino bands


Come and celebrate with us and with ' La Fiebra Latina  ' this Tuesday 
Get entertained with 'Latin Grace' band and Ladies, enjoy fresh cocktails all night long!
Our peerless DJ, Mustafa Sarikaya, is on the decks and Chef Jose Luis Romero is on board to satisfy your taste buds.
Latin Grace band is brought to you by Cafe de La Danse.