Nargui Five

Nargui Five

Venue Info
Originated in the land of colorful, vibrant & lantern-lit streets – Marrakech, We are now geared up to take over the nightlife scene in Dubai as well. Maintaining the same authenticity and party spirit of Morocco, we are bringing a bigger and better nightlife destination to Dubai.

Our venue promises to bring guests a mesmerizing experience with all the details carefully taken care of, leaving you in complete awe of the place. Right from the interiors that boast of having state of the art lighting and sound systems to the most spectacular views of Dubai’s ever so gorgeous water canal, visitors can completely immerse themselves in a unique experience like never before. Our concept is to add the ‘life’ to your party with the most exotic flavored steams, combined with inter-continental lounge food, sensational beats, and class beverages; served with a breath-taking view that glams up your evening with unmatched services, remarkable entertainment, and luxurious vibes.

Our promise is to take all your celebrations a notch higher with the ultimate dose of unmatched luxury, that sets us apart from any other venue in the UAE.

Opening hours
Daily from 12am till late


After Party
Everyday from 4am till 7am
Brace yourself for an immersive and brand new experience 
 hosted by MC Yann Turner, DJ Keza and Mr. Levier!
Unlimited Bevs for Ladies all night long.

+971 50 729 7477
+971 50 729 7186

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