M Premiere

M Premiere

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Settled in the 38th floor of Al Shatha Tower, M PREMIERE specializes in organizing and managing events of a different kind.
Founded by a well-known musician and promoter Evgeniy Morozov who has more than 15 years of experience in the field of events, concerts and festivals, their professional and devoted staff are experts at organizing and executing any and all types of events.

With a huge networking database the company is renowned for engage top artists and performers from around the world. Whether you are planning a concert, a holiday party, a gala-dinner, corporate event, a charity ball, or any other type of event, be it large or small, they can provide any and all aspects. 

Everything is at your fingertips and completely customized for your individual needs. They work with a very exclusive range of clients and guarantee privacy and confidentiality to all of them.

M Premiere looks forward to creating a first class event with you because you deserve nothing less.