Icons Coffee Couture

Icons Coffee Couture

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Born to nourish you with organic coffees, handcrafted sweets & treats - in style ! 

No added sugars, all natural - full taste! From Germany with Love !
Icons Coffee Couture is a Fashionable Lifestyle Coffee Shop Concept, created by German Model Elena Weber, a team of fashion lovers and motivated professionals from around the world. 

Inspired during a Charity Month in Argentina where Icons Founder Elena discovered the all natural zero calorie sweetener Stevia the mission was clear: Sugar-free Sweets for Joy without regrets (and weight gain ;)) 

Packed into fashionable lifestyle locations and a young and stylish brand image of the new Health Generation to eat healthy gets finally InVogue! 

While enhancing a healthy, but joyful change we have not only the mission to build a business that is financially solid, of enduring value. But, also contributes to a meaningful cause in the world,
so that the more successful we get, the more we are contributing.

Make Life Remarkable!
Your Icons Team

Opening hours:
Daily from 8am - 11pm

Call 04 881 8852