Bistro Des Arts

Bistro Des Arts

Venue Info

French Bistro, Apero, Cafe - Comptoire, Cuisine du Terroir

Bistro Arts is a simple story of two colleagues who became friends and both passionate about Bistro Cuisine.
After 10 years of experience each in Food & Beverage industry around the world we have identify a specific need in Dubai culinary scene.
We both are passionate about the "terroir" cuisine which is the definition of Grand mother region specialities. Bringing a traditional Parisian Bistro where the patron is here to welcome at the door and follow up on your needs away from the luxury expectation that we can find in Dubai.
A moment to enjoy culinary arts and get back to some of the lost gastronomy taste. That's Bistronomy. BDA, this is getting back to the origins. Welcome to authenticity.


Open Hours

8:00am to 11pm Breakfast, Lunch, Diner, Apero Wine Bar