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Femme Fest welcomes “KLO”

Femme Fest welcomes “KLO”



KLO: Navigating Beats and Borders in London's Electronic Scene...



From Beirut to London


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KLO's initiation into the electronic realm was marked by her collaboration with some of Beirut's finest promoters, gracing iconic venues like Grand Factory and Ballroom Blitz. The Lebanese capital served as her playground, where she fine-tuned her craft and developed a unique sonic identity.


However, life took a turn, leading KLO to the bustling streets of London. Far from being a setback, this move became a catalyst for the evolution of her sound. The multicultural tapestry of London infused new influences into her sets, blending the unmistakable vibes of acid-house with statement 90s bangers. Despite the geographical shift, KLO remained deeply connected to her Lebanese roots, seamlessly incorporating notions from her heritage into her music.

Beyond Borders: KLO's Sonic Exploration


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As she takes the stage on November 11th in Room 3 in the 25h Hotel, KLO invites you to embark on a sonic journey. Her sets promise a fusion of local and global sounds, a testament to the diversity and richness of her musical palette. To get a taste of what to expect, dive into one of KLO's electrifying sets and witness the seamless blend of beats that transcend borders.



Save the Date: November 11th



Mark your calendars for November 11th as KLO and five other incredible DJs grace the stage at Room 3 in 25h Hotel. Don't miss the chance to witness KLO in action and discover the dimension she confidently navigates—a dimension waiting to be uncovered by eager ears and curious souls.



Timing: DJ sets to kick off at 7 PM onwards

Entrance is FREE before 10 PM

And if you're fashionably late it's just AED 150 after 10 PM, redeemable as 2 Drinks 


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