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Triple 7: ‘’Adult-Only Arcade & Bar’’

Triple 7: ‘’Adult-Only Arcade & Bar’’



Where adulting meets arcade-ing, and nostalgia gets a grown-up upgrade.



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Remember the days of joystick jousting, Pacman munching, and Street Fighter showdowns? Well, Triple 7 Dubai is about to turn those fond memories into a reality for big kids with an appetite for fun.


No more pining for the good ol' arcade days, because soon Dubai will unveil its latest gem—a grown-ups-only arcade extravaganza at Radisson Blu Canal View in Business Bay.


Retro Gaming and Adult Indulgence



Lights flickering, skee balls rolling, and drinks clinking—Triple 7 Dubai is gearing up to revive the thrill of vintage arcade games, combining it with a touch of sophisticated nostalgia. Mark your calendars for the grand opening on Saturday, November 11, and assemble your crew for a weekend brimming with laughs and friendly competition.*



Nostalgic Haven



Step into a captivating world where graffiti-covered walls meet neon signage. At Triple 7, the atmosphere is alive with the hum of pinball machines and the pixelated excitement of 8-bit video games, all seamlessly coexisting with cutting-edge virtual reality experiences. Choose your gaming avatar wisely and brace yourself for a night filled with retro gaming bliss.



7 Heaven





As the gaming fever subsides, find yourself in 7 Heaven—a chic lounge and bar area that skillfully blends the nostalgia of the arcade with a mature vibe. Craft beers, signature cocktails, and speciality drinks await, providing the perfect complement to your gaming escapades. It's a seamless transition from the energetic arcade to a sophisticated haven for relaxation.



Elevating the Arcade Experience


Triple 7 understands that no arcade experience is complete without delicious bites. Indulge in gourmet sliders, loaded nachos, and pizza galore—satisfying your cravings while adding a gourmet touch to your gaming adventure. The fusion of delectable food and gaming excitement creates an immersive experience for all your senses.



Unleashing Your Inner Child


Reserved strictly for those aged 21 and above, Triple 7 Dubai offers a space where you can unleash your inner child after a long day of adulting. It's a haven for those who want to relive the joys of arcade games without compromising on the luxuries and sophistication that adulthood brings. Gather your friends, dust off your gaming skills, and prepare for a night where growing up just got a whole lot more fun.

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Canal View

For information and reservations please call: +971566300777


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