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Legends never die: Throwback Thursdays at Verde Dubai

Legends never die: Throwback Thursdays at Verde Dubai



Relieve your glory (or your parents’ wild) days - Legends Never Die (Except for That One Disco Dance Move)


A world where neon lights, cassette tapes, and funky dance moves reign supreme. Every Thursday, Verde Dubai invites you on a thrilling journey back in time to the colorful eras of the 80s and 90s. It's a time machine for your senses, a place where Legends Never Die, except for that one disco dance move you tried so hard to forget.



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The Time Warp Playlist


Music is the key to any time travel experience, and at Verde Dubai, it's no exception. A curated playlist of chart-toppers, one-hit wonders, and classic anthems from these decades fills the air, transporting you to a world where Walkmans and boomboxes ruled. Get ready to sing along to your favorite tunes and rediscover the joy of rewinding cassette tapes.


Fashion Flashback


Thursdays at Verde Dubai are the perfect excuse to raid your parent's closet or dive into your own vintage wardrobe. It's a night where legwarmers, oversized blazers, and scrunch socks make a dazzling comeback. The more flamboyant, the better! Dressing up is not just encouraged; it's a part of the experience.




Dance Like Nobody's Watching


Remember those dance moves you perfected in front of your bedroom mirror? It's time to show them off at Verde Dubai's dance floor. The night wouldn't be complete without the iconic moves of the 80s and 90s – the moonwalk, the Running Man, and of course, the unforgettable Macarena. Whether you're a dancing prodigy or just a two-left-feet enthusiast, the dance floor is open to all.


Don your legwarmers, practice your dance moves, and get ready for a retro revolution that will leave you reminiscing about the past, one groovy Thursday at a time.



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