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BLU Mondays at BLU Dubai

BLU Mondays at BLU Dubai



Imagine this: it's a Monday night, the day often associated with the dreaded return to the weekly grind.



But this Monday, something magical is happening.


The ordinary is about to transform into the extraordinary as you step into the world of BLU Mondays. This weekly extravaganza promises to turn your mundane Mondays into unforgettable moments of music, dance, and unadulterated fun.



The Experience:



BLU Mondays isn't just another night out; it's a phenomenon, a revolution, and a celebration of music that transcends the ordinary. It's an experience that brings together the best in R&B and Hip Hop, a dynamic duo that will keep you grooving from the moment you walk through the door.


Picture this: you've made your reservation, ensuring that your spot is secure for the night. As you step inside the venue, the pulsating beat of the music greets you like an old friend. The ambiance is electric, with neon lights casting an otherworldly glow over the dance floor. The air is charged with excitement, and you can feel the anticipation building as the DJ takes the stage.

The Music:



At BLU Mondays, music is more than just a background noise. It's the beating heart of the night, the driving force that unites everyone on the dance floor. The DJs curate a playlist that's a masterclass in musical diversity, seamlessly blending the latest chart-toppers with timeless classics.


From sultry R&B tunes that pull at your heartstrings to the infectious beats of Hip Hop that ignite the dance floor, BLU Mondays delivers a sonic experience like no other. The energy in the room is infectious, and the crowd becomes a collective entity, moving as one to the rhythm of the night.




Make no mistake; this isn't just a night out—it's a weekly celebration of life and the power of music to bring people together. It's about creating memories that will linger long after the night ends, leaving you with a sense of anticipation for the next BLU Monday.


Don't let your Monday go by without experiencing the excitement of BLU Mondays. 



What to expect:


We set the bar high so that we can offer a five-star nightlife experience. Expect live entertainment, performances from worldwide recognized stars and more.


Dress code:


No sportswear, caps, kanduras or flip-flops

Location: BLU Dubai, V-Hotel Al Habtoor City

Timing: Every Sunday, 10 PM - 4 AM

Reservations: +971 52 699 9957

                      +971 56 501 2039


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