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Inside Mykonos: Where Music and Legends Collide at Black Mirror Dubai

Inside Mykonos: Where Music and Legends Collide at Black Mirror Dubai



On the 9th of November, the city of Dubai will experience the legendary DJ from the mythical island of Mykonos, and the stage is set at the iconic Black Mirror Dubai. 




A Journey Through Sound - DJ Pappa: The Cycladian Maestro 



A Mykonos legend renowned for his residency at two iconic venues, ASTRA and VOID. Immersed in a diverse musical environment from a young age, DJ Pappa's childhood was a symphony of Afro, Latin, Disco, Funk, and Jazz, shaping his profound understanding of music's power. His unique fusion of Deep, Afro, and Soulful House music has enraptured global audiences. 


But what makes DJ Pappa's music so special is his ability to infuse it with the spirit of Mykonos. Every beat, every note, carries the essence of a place known for its hedonistic celebrations, breathtaking sunsets, and the feeling of endless summer. It's this unique blend of global influences and local vibes that sets him apart. 





Inside Mykonos at Black Mirror Dubai 


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The meeting point for Mykonos and Dubai's musical souls.If you're a music enthusiast, a party animal, or simply someone looking for a night of unforgettable fun, make sure to mark this date on your calendar. Inside Mykonos at Black Mirror Dubai promises to be a night of legendary proportions, with DJ Pappa leading the way. 


As the sun sets over the Dubai skyline and the music fills the air, you'll find yourself transported to the mystical island of Mykonos. It's a night where the boundaries between past and present, myth and reality, blur into one harmonious melody. 



Location: 51st Floor, voco Dubai Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road 

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 8 PM - 4 AM 

Reservations: +971563132303 

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