Sunday | October 15, 2023

La Parisienne: Koba LaD Live at BLU Dubai

La Parisienne: Koba LaD Live at BLU Dubai


Immerse yourself in a night of electrifying beats and unstoppable vibes as La Parisienne presents the one and only Koba LaD live at BLU Dubai. 



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The stage is set, the energy is electric, and the city is buzzing with anticipation. It's a night that promises to be the epitome of entertainment and style, a show you won't want to miss!


La Parisienne, curated by Futur, is about to set BLU Dubai's epic stage on fire with the one and only Koba LaD LIVE. Known for his chart-toppers like 'Daddy Chocolat' and 'Immonde,' this Saturday, October 21st, is your ticket to a night you won't want to miss. The dance floor will be sizzling, and the bottles will be popping as we bring you the ultimate French night out!



What's on the menu:

We've raised the nightlife bar to offer you a five-star experience. Expect an electrifying live performance, appearances by globally acclaimed artists, and more.


Dress to impress:

Remember, we keep it classy here. Leave your sportswear, caps, hoodies, and flip-flops at home. It's all about sophistication and style at La Parisienne: Koba LaD LIVE at BLU Dubai!


Reservations via WhatsApp: +971 565 012 039



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