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Arab Influencers: Going Under the Knife for that 'Natural' Look

Arab Influencers: Going Under the Knife for that 'Natural' Look



Ever wondered how often you've daydreamed about morphing into your beloved ‘’celebrity’’? Maybe it's their perfectly sculpted nose, razor-sharp cheekbones, enchanting smile, or even their envy-inducing derriere that's left you swooning.


But brace yourself, because there's a high probability that the very features you're lusting after in your favorite star have been meticulously crafted courtesy of a little establishment like Xiluet plastic surgery in sunny Miami or one of the hundreds of plastic surgery clinics in Turkey.







Let’s go through the fakes and flakes of the arab influencer world shall we my darlings?






The beauty guru isn't one to hide her surgical secrets! She boldly confesses to rocking rhinoplasty and boosting her bust before becoming the queen of Huda Beauty. She might've been a tad scared of the scalpel at first, but now, she's flaunting those fabulous results like a boss babe! And guess what? She's spilling the tea that she's ditched those cheek, face, and lip fillers for a fresh, au natural vibe. Now that's what I call a diva's quest for a flawless canvas!







"I still do filler," she tells me point blank over lunch outside of her Dollhouse Spa in Dubai (FYI — she's as amazing IRL as she seems online, which isn't always the case). "I don’t like to fake it. I feel like I’d rather be honest." She started getting treatments when she was 24, after going to an appointment with her older sister Alya who's 12 years her senior. "I was that younger sister who was like, 'Yeah, yeah me too!" she says.







Sara Al Madani, a multi-faceted entrepreneur with ventures spanning marketing, technology, gastronomy, and fashion, has made quite the entrance into the world of reality television, gracing the screens on The Real Housewives of Dubai. But what's making waves beyond the cameras are the bold changes she's made to her appearance.


Sara didn't shy away from the surgeon's touch, opting for a nose job that transformed her once-asymmetrical schnoz into a symmetrical showstopper. She hopped on the trend train, as apparently, a perfectly symmetrical nose was the name of the game.


Not stopping at her nose, Sara also ventured into the realm of lip enhancement, plumping those puckers with fillers that left them noticeably fuller. And let's not forget her little rendezvous with Botox, a non-surgical wrinkle-smoother that she's clearly not afraid to embrace. It seems that for Sara, beauty is a full-time job, with her lips and nose being her latest projects to attain that elusive perfection.







The Hollywood Lift: she stated: "I've been asked about the operation by many of you, and I promised to tell you everything. It's time to watch my daily Mobile recordings now. The initial day, the third day following surgery, the sixth, seventh, tenth, etc. I have faith in the medical professionals at clinicajoelleofficial."


Joel added that "most Hollywood stars, including Kim Kardashian, Chloe, Courtney, Angelina Jolie, and many other actors, have undergone this procedure, but regrettably, none of them have considered sharing the specifics and secrets of their beauty with their followers.







Dana previously denied undergoing plastic surgery on her face, declaring that she relied on filler and Botox only and that she considered them as mini plastic surgeries.



- Harley


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