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Selena Gomez: ‘Guess Who Has A Boyfriend?’

Selena Gomez: ‘Guess Who Has A Boyfriend?’

Selena Gomez raises eyebrows yet again


Selena Gomez's latest TikTok video, where she playfully jests about her single status, has ignited a fierce and polarizing debate among internet users. Let me spill the tea on what this video is all about, honey…


Selena Gomez, the queen of cracking jokes about her own life, especially her solo status, is at it again. She's not just playing around; she dropped a whole bop about it called "Single Soon" just a month ago on August 25. This 31-year-old superstar keeps dishing out hilarious takes on the single life, and her latest TikTok gem is just another sparkling addition to her collection.


This pop sensation decided to hop on the lip-sync train to trending audio, and oh boy, did she set the internet on fire! The video didn't just blow up on TikTok; it spread like wildfire on Instagram and Twitter too, getting shared left and right. But hold onto your hats, folks, because the reactions were juicier than a gossip column.


You see, not everyone was sipping the Selena Kool-Aid. Some folks were living for the joke, while others took a giant spoonful of salt and called it cringe city. They weren't shy about throwing shade, either, slamming her for the umpteenth time for her relentless singlehood chatter. So, brace yourselves, because here's the scoop!



Gomez lounges on a luxurious couch, lip-syncing with a cheeky twist: "Guess who has a boyfriend? Not me b-tch, y'all stay safe out there." The clip showcases the Only Murders in the Building sensation rocking a thigh-high, long-sleeved white sweater shirt. Her hair is a masterpiece, styled into sassy pigtail braids, and she playfully twirls them while serving face and mouthing those audacious lyrics. Selena's here to drop bombs and leave you shook!


Here's the tea from the comments section: One user spilt the love beans, saying, "I love Selena so much [laughing face emoji] she looks so good." Another chimed in with, "lol she is funny [heart hands emoji]." But not everyone's vibing with it - a third user couldn't hold back, admitting, "Okay, but this is cringe." And a fourth, well, they weren't mincing words: "She thinks she is funny by she is so cringe."


In case you missed the memo, Selena's been on a single-status roll on TikTok, using filters to ponder why she's solo and lip-syncing to tracks that make it abundantly clear that she's firmly in the "single and loving it" camp, all while the rumour mill keeps on spinning.


Selena Gomez's anthem of singledom and her no-holds-barred partner requirements




Not only did the actress drop her peppy dance track "Single Soon" last month to celebrate her solo life, but she's also throwing some major shade when it comes to her partner preferences. In a recent no-holds-barred interview with SiriusXM Hits 1 LA, she spilt the tea on her single status and left jaws dropping.


"I think I have standards. And I think I live in a world right now where boys confuse standards with high maintenance," she declared, laying down the law. Selena made it crystal clear that her ideal partner better bring the niceness and the humour if they wanted a shot at her heart. This diva's not settling for less, and she's not afraid to say it!


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Gomez threw in another spicy requirement, stating that this lucky guy better be a total charmer with her family and everyone in her orbit. She didn't stop there – this girl's got her priorities straight. She spilt the tea, saying she's all about self-love and enjoying where she's at right now. When Mr. Right strolls into her life, she wants him to compliment her, not fix her insecurities like in the old days.


And oh, for all you fans out there, brace yourselves because the "Lose You To Love Me" queen is cooking up a new album, and she swears there won't be a single sad tune on it.


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