Thursday | September 21, 2023

Welcome to The Citronelle Club: where the flavour of culinary art is created for you

Welcome to The Citronelle Club: where the flavour of culinary art is created for you




Dubai's bustling culinary scene has a captivating new addition at its heart – The Citronelle Club, now open within the vibrant SO/ Uptown Dubai.


This gastronomic destination offers a unique fusion of Asian culinary traditions with a touch of French flair, crafting a distinctive epicurean identity that promises to captivate your senses.



At the essence of The Citronelle Club lies a culinary adventure, inviting you to explore uncharted territories where the art of preparation and the journey of flavours pay homage to the region's rich cultural heritage.


Tucked away within the enchanting "Mígong maze" walls, you'll find an intimate dining area bursting with energy, thanks to multiple open kitchens and live cooking stations. The restaurant's vibrant atmosphere takes diners to another world, with shielded alcoves and mesmerizing mirror artworks. Immerse yourself in the symphony of wok fires, the rhythmic noodle dough pulling, the steaming Dim Sum, and the sizzling cooking pots, all contributing to the unique soul of this undiscovered gem.



The artwork that adorns the walls of The Citronelle Club tells its own story, intricately mirroring the maze-like design of the restaurant. Asian symbolism, including koi fish and dragons, is woven into an evocative narrative, hidden within the abstract canvas. Meticulously hand-painted and etched details add authenticity and emotion to the design, inviting diners to explore its intricate beauty and significance as they navigate the restaurant's layout.


Prepare your taste buds for an array of bold flavours influenced by Southeast Asia and China, all with a French twist. This sensory journey is designed to offer an interactive dining experience like no other. The Citronelle Club embraces the concept of premium sharing-style dining, reflecting the deeply rooted cultural values of China. Every aspect of the menu and dining experience has been thoughtfully curated to encourage connection, conversation, and a memorable culinary adventure.


Signature dishes, including Shrimp and scallop Siu Mai, Yellow Fin Tuna and Fois Gras, Biang Biang Frogs Legs, Citronelle Signature Whole Roast Duck, and Citronelle and citrus Vacherin, promise to tantalize your taste buds. Complement your meal with herbaceous and fruity cocktails or select from a range of crisp, light wines, all designed to enhance your dining experience.


Chef Tiger Fongchen Chen, Chef de Cuisine, shares his excitement, saying, "We are thrilled to introduce The Citronelle Club to Dubai's discerning food enthusiasts. Our vision was to create an interactive dining experience that merges French sophistication and Asian vibrancy. The result is a culinary haven where guests can savour bold, unforgettable flavours while being part of the unfolding story



Please contact +971 50 421 0753 or visit our booking link

Location: SO/ Uptown Dubai, Uptown Tower, Uptown


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