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Cher & Alexander 'AE' Edwards: Age Gap Romance Sparks Debate with Steamy Rekindling!

Cher & Alexander 'AE' Edwards: Age Gap  Romance Sparks Debate with Steamy Rekindling!



Here's the undercover scoop on the age-gap romance!


Just when you thought the age-defying crooner at 77 and the music mogul Alexander, who's practically a spring chicken at 37, had called it quits, they go and turn up hand in hand, mingling with their entourage like it's nobody's business! The juicy California rendezvous last Friday has tongues wagging, sparking wild rumours of a potential rekindling!



So, here's the scoop: These two allegedly kicked off their little love story towards the tail end of last year, and Cher even spilt some tea about her beau while they were still going strong. But hold your horses, honey, because, by April of this year, word on the street was that they had called it quits!


Now, as whispers of a Cher-Alexander reunion dance in the gossip mill, let's take a gander at what we've got on their rollercoaster romance. We're talking Cher's pearls of wisdom on the whopping 40-year age chasm that separates them and the juicy details of their oh-so-professional connection!


Oh, honey, let's not forget the drama from a few moons back when folks were whispering that these two might have thrown a ring into the mix just weeks into their little rendezvous! Cher couldn't help but spill some online tea about Alexander, treating us all to her sassy descriptions of this music exec. I mean, who needs a gossip column when you've got Cher's social media, right?



Let's rewind to when the legend herself, Cher, and the music maestro, Alexander, allegedly crossed paths in the glitz of Paris Fashion Week sometime around October last year. But hold onto your wigs, because it wasn't until November when she spilled the piping hot romance tea all over X (back when it was still known as "Twitter").



Our diva didn't hold back, dishing out the deets and even addressing that juicy 40-year age gap, declaring, "Love doesn't know math, it sees.’’


And if you thought she was done, think again! Cher couldn't help but gush about her man, saying, "I [heart emoji] him because he wasn't afraid. He's kind, hilarious, smart, talented [and] beautiful. We talk & laugh. We [are] perfectly matched.’’


Ah, the classic "amicable separation" – just a few months deep into their love story, word on the celebrity grapevine was that Cher and Alexander had called it quits back in April of this year. According to the Evening Standard, insiders spilt the tea that it was all rather "friendly" between the two at the time.

But shortly after the split, the rumour mill was buzzing with whispers of a reunion! A little birdy, chatting in May (around Cher's birthday, no less), dropped this tantalizing tidbit: "She actually really cares about AE, and now that she's closer to her kids, she wants more stability in her life. Although it's off for now, no one in her close circle would be surprised to see them back together.’’


Grab your front-row seats, darlings, because this week, Radar decided to dish some spicy hot gossip straight from the Cher inner circle. A few of her buddies are playing the role of the concerned besties, raising an eyebrow or two about her whirlwind with Alexander. One chatty source spilt the tea, saying, "concerns about where his heart is at in all of this, “adding, "They fear Cher will get hurt in the end."


But hold on, folks, rewind to November, when Cher was in no mood to play it coy. She clapped back at a fan who was side-eyeing Alexander's intentions, tweeting about being "suspicious" and fearing Cher was getting "played."


Our icon unleashed her sassy wisdom, saying, "As we All Know … I wasn't born yesterday & what I know for sure ... There are no guarantees. Anytime you make a choice you take a chance. I've always taken chances." She then dropped the mic by reminding everyone, "It's who I am."



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