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Taylor Swift: Touchdown! Guess Which NFL Star She's Scoring With Now!

Taylor Swift: Touchdown! Guess Which  NFL Star She's Scoring With Now!




Looks like Travis Kelce just couldn't resist Taylor Swift after his failed 'number pass' at her July show – now they're reportedly cozying up!



Kelce has finally worked his charm to score that Taylor Swift dream date, despite flubbing his chance to slide her his digits at one of her July concerts.


Word on the street, courtesy of The Messenger, spills the tea that Kelce cracked the code and managed to rendezvous with Swift on the down-low. These two lovebirds apparently crossed paths amidst the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle, New York City, a few weeks back. Hush-hush, but oh-so-juicy!



"I was disappointed that she doesn't talk before or after her shows because she has to save her voice for the 44 songs that she sings, so I was a little butthurt I didn't get to hand her one of the bracelets I made for her," Travis Kelce spilling the beans during his podcast, "New Heights," where he co-hosts with none other than his bro, Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles. Get ready for some exclusive insider scoop, folks!


"If you're up on Taylor Swift concerts, there are friendship bracelets, and I received a bunch of them being there, but I wanted to give Taylor Swift one with my number on it."


Travis Kelce added: "So she doesn’t meet anybody and she doesn't - or at least she didn’t want to meet me, so I took it personally." But here's the spicy dish, it looks like the NFL player has swiftly kissed and made up, leaving that grudge in the dust, however.


In this scintillating twist, Travis Kelce received a dose of love wisdom from none other than his sister-in-law extraordinaire, Kylie Kelce. She's the mastermind behind the dazzling idea of reigniting the flames of Tinder for the two-time Super Bowl champ, inspired by his brother's epic love conquest.


"Kylie infamously fell in love with me on Tinder," Jason Kelce revealed in an episode of their podcast. Travis Kelce replied: "So you guys really met on Tinder and PEOPLE Magazine wrote about it. That's awesome, man."


He then said: "I gotta get back on Tinder and show a preseason sideline pick and be you think I should go with a sash or no stash.



Spill the tea, darling! Rob Gronkowski, the four-time Super Bowl champ, has been stirring up the celebrity matchmaking drama. He's been urging Taylor Swift to take a chance on Travis Kelce, claiming they'd be the ultimate power couple. Oh, the tangled web of Hollywood gossip!


"I think Travis is a very thoughtful guy, and if they started dating, that would be hands down the number one Ken and Barbie in the NFL," Gronkowski said on Up & Adams. "No doubt about that. So, let's hope it happens; that would be really cool if Travis and Taylor Swift were dating. Come on, Taylor; let's make it happen. Let's go."



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