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Chris Evans is OFFICIALLY Off the Market!

Chris Evans is OFFICIALLY Off the Market!



It’s over ladies.


The "Captain America: The First Avenger" heartthrob decided to tie the knot with Alba Baptista over the weekend. They said their "I do's" on a Saturday in this super low-key ceremony, all cosy-like, right at their Boston-area digs in Massachusetts. And guess what? It was like Fort Knox-level security! They made everyone sign those fancy NDAs, and it was a no-phones-allowed zone. Talk about a hush-hush shindig!


Word on the grapevine is that Chris Evans, who's pushing 42, and Alba Baptista, who's a whole 16 years younger at 26, decided to have this oh-so-beautiful ceremony and they only invited their nearest and dearest. And of course, they just had to flaunt their Hollywood connections! I mean, who wouldn't want to show off when your Marvel buddies like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, and Jeremy Renner are on the guest list?



Let me spill the tea on this whole "Avengers" star and the Luso-Brazilian actress. They first set the rumour mill on fire back in November 2022, and according to some insiders, they'd been secretly dating for over a year. Oh, but it gets better! The insider dared to gush about their love, saying Chris was on cloud nine and their relationship was already serious. Even his crew and pals are head over heels for Alba (Not that we’re jealous or anything.)


And as if that wasn't enough, you just can't escape their sappy love story plastered all over Chris's social media, honey! On Valentine's Day, he decided to give us all a toothache by sharing a whole montage of their little lovey-dovey escapades – you know, hiking, jet-setting to exotic places, smothering each other with affection, and, of course, playing cute with his precious pooch, Dodger.


They're practically the poster children for a Hallmark card! The Captain America star has quite the star-studded dating history, darlings! He's been linked with A-listers like Jessica Biel, Kate Bosworth, and Christina Ricci, and there were even whispers of a little somethin'-somethin' with Sandra Bullock.


But, hold onto your hats, because when he skyrocketed to mega-stardom in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he did a little on-again, off-again tango with Jenny Slate. Seems like Mr. Evans has a taste for high-profile romances, doesn't he?


If you take a little stroll down Chris Evans' interview archives, you'll see he's been dropping hints about wanting that cosy, domestic life for ages. Back in 2019, he spilt the tea, saying, "I'm all about kids. Give me those everyday, ordinary, suburban delights." Yep, he's all about pumpkin carving, tree decorating, and building a little family of his own. And now, with Alba in the picture, it looks like he's finally got his foot in the door of that domestic dreamland. Watch out, world, because Captain America's turning into Mr. Family Man!


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