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Dubai's Dating Scene Exposed! You Won't Believe These Horror Stories.

Dubai's Dating Scene Exposed! You Won't Believe These Horror Stories.




Dating? Ugh, it's a survival game.


Especially when you're diving into the unknown with someone you barely know. People can be, let's just say, exceptionally eccentric. And we've all experienced the excruciating torture of being trapped on a dreadful date, forced to endure a never-ending monologue on the most mind-numbing, peculiar, or downright offensive topics.



In the spirit of Halloween. We decided to spice things up and get the good people of Dubai to spill the tea on their most epic first-date horrors. Brace yourselves for some gut-busting funny (and cringe-worthy) tales of romantic misadventures!



1. ''First date, I'm a brown person, he's white (it's relevant), we were talking about how we met on Tinder and he went like - I don't really date black people.'' 
- Nush


2. ''I invited this guy to the basketball court where I and my friends hang out, and when he got there instead of talking to me and getting to know me, he focused on trying to one-up all the guys - All in their faces, talking, reciting the Qur'an, rapping. 


The next day he called me, came by, and the entire time all he could talk about was himself and how he was the 'real deal' and he's the 'Alpha,' pulled out cash, his watch, and showed me the car that he's buying.''
             - Addie



3. ''Tinder - Guy is a cargo airline pilot. Spoke for one day and he said he wanted to start dating me! I friendzoned him and he was like "I'll only continue if you date seriously but I won't get friendzoned.

He then said he is from a village so I should just assume how serious he can get not even 36 hours later and he said he wanted to have a serious relationship plus spoke about marriage and stuff kinda freaked me out!! He called me 26 times that very day and left 17 voice notes on Whatsapp!!  Result: I deleted his number.''
- Alesia



4. I spoke to a guy for three days without realizing that the guy I was talking to was a dead guy from Iran. Apparently, there's a group of people who scam girls on shaadi dot com with fake boy accounts. They take dead people's account details and use them to scam people. 

When I confronted this guy and told him I knew he was fake, he started telling me how his identity had been hacked online. When I went to report his account on the app, the Shaadi dot com agents told me that his account was deleted right after it matched mine!''
            - Indy


5. '' Matched on Bumble - She asked for money to do her nails if I wanted her to show up.''
- Terrence


6. '' She agreed to have a date with me for job opportunities, and asked if I had a vacancy in my company.''
- Auguste



By: Harley





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