Tuesday | September 05, 2023

DIVORCE HINTS: Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner

DIVORCE HINTS: Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner






Is 2023, not it? 


This year's celebrity breakup count is absolutely worrying. No one is safe. To name a few, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn, Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez, and now we have Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.


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The lovebirds, who kicked off their romance in 2016, exchanged vows in 2019 and became proud parents of two, are apparently doing the "consciously uncoupling" dance, with Joe now having a divorce attorney. Word on the street is that Joe's been dialling up not one, but two LA-based divorce attorneys to get the paperwork party started and officially uncouple from the Game of Thrones superstar, Sophie.


The drama? Well, it's all about Joe's wedding ring - one minute it's there, the next it's gone, leaving fans playing detective.


He's been flaunting it and ditching it like it's a fashion statement.


And if that wasn't enough, their real estate rollercoaster adds to the juicy plot. They sold their jaw-dropping Miami mansion for a cool $15 million in August, just months after putting it on the market in December. A true real estate drama in the making!


Oh, and let's not forget about Sophie's gig attendance (or lack thereof). While Priyanka Chopra and Danielle Jonas are spotted at every other concert, Sophie's been giving the fans some serious FOMO. But hey, who knows what's really happening behind those scenes? 


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