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CONFIRMED: Mona Kattan joins Dubai Bling Season 2 with a shocking twist!

CONFIRMED: Mona Kattan joins Dubai Bling  Season 2 with a shocking twist!




Huda Beauty Co-Founder finally joins mega-hit netflix series, but what's the untold story behind the delay? Exclusive insights revealed!



After achieving remarkable success in the beauty industry, Mona Kattan emerged as one of Dubai's most prominent triumphs. Now, she's set to captivate audiences in the highly anticipated second season of Dubai Bling on Netflix, a role she declined during the show's initial season. The decision to step away from discussions during the first season was prompted by creative differences on the storyline.



Mona Kattan rejecting season 1







“Mona was the big-name superstar that was going to carry the show. But she refused to do it in the end, and Netflix had to completely change the stories and cast to somehow make it work,” a source told Arabian Business back in September.


The relationship has apparently been amended, as she confirmed to Harper’s Bazaar Arabia that she will be joining for season 2.



Kris Fade and Mona Kattan drop bombshell dating app during Netflix's season 2







The specific target market for the App remains undisclosed, though it's evident that the duo is embarking on a substantial business partnership.


The impending launch of the dating App is poised to ignite discussions, especially considering its timing – a mere few weeks following the removal of Saudi social media sensation Amy Roko from the show due to her reluctance to participate in a "dating story line."


In the second season of the show, Kattan stands out as the sole addition to the cast, following Roko's departure. The vibrant city of Dubai is currently serving as the backdrop for the ongoing filming of season 2, yet no official release date has been announced.


"Ultimately, it boils down to ratings. While embracing the dating aspect might raise eyebrows, it's crucial to recognize the substantial business perspective intertwined within the narrative," emphasized the insider from Netflix.

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