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A brand new distinctive, industrial-style community space which has been designed to inspire and stimulate, is now open in Palm Jumeirah. SPĀCES created by Catalyst Concepts brings a completely new concept offering curated spaces where people can enjoy a cultural program and settle into great conversations in the midst of Art, Music & Thought-Provoking Ideas.



In the past few years, there has been a major global shift in what businesses need from their offices. From having a fixed 9-6 working hours from the office, employees are now encouraged to find comfort in a different setting outside the normal four office walls and SPĀCES is here to disrupt even further the new working model in Dubai!


Located on the ground floor of Social Distrik at The Pointe, SPĀCES feels like a cross between modern industrial and chic minimalist loft space – it has been designed to create flow and allow creativity, with large offerings geared towards connecting different industries with culture and leisure to offer a unique, creativity-led working environment. Think exposed-concrete walls, vintage sofas, wooden tables, neon signs and pops of green provided by plants across the venue. While most working spaces focus on providing utilities and private offices, SPĀCES main goal is to cater first and foremost to creative minds.



It is an ideal place to set up camp for a good day’s work as guests can get breakfast, lunch and snacks catered by Circle Cafe and speciality coffees are available from 9 am, as well as their mixology bar opening from midday, It is a great place to nestle in from day to night. SPĀCES will not only serve as a food & drink hangout space but rather a multi-purpose destination – guests will benefit from a dedicated cosy podcast studio, a lighting studio, a collection of art and design books, and not to mention a program of DJs, panel talks and exhibitions all to boost your dopamine levels.

‘’Today more than ever, we have galleries, indie artists, niche hangout spots and content creators offering something unique that makes it one of the most exciting cities to be in. In the spirit of bringing people together, Catalyst Spaces is a hangout for everyone, and a hub that nurtures creativity and continues to inspire out-of-the-box thinking ‘’ says Stephan Yannick, founder of Catalyst Concepts Media Group.



With a career spanning over 10 years of expertise in the F&B, Media and Art industry in the region, Stephan has had the chance to immerse himself in the ever-growing scene watching it unfold into what it is today – which ultimately drove him to bring his own vision to life curating the perfect workspace where creative minds are most productive.


Opening Hours Daily 9:00 am – 1:00 am weekdays
9:00am – 2:00am weekends
Reservation Email [email protected]
Instagram @catalyst.spaces


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