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From live cooking, delicious meats and stunning drinks selections, ZOR Dubai offers up a true Uzbek experience. 



Walking into a balmy night at The Pointe, we made our way to the Uzbek and Mediterranean restaurant in Palm Jumeirah excited to dine. Welcoming us with the grand fountain display in front of the restaurant, the best seats at Zor are by the bar or on the cosy booths.



The hospitable staff at Zor Dubai recommended we start off with the almost 'too cute to drink' Zor Sangria... and what a choice it was! Refreshing, colourful and a perfect start to our night. Knowledgeable about the menu, it was clear that Zor Dubai was all about keeping the Uzbek authenticity of the menu. Browsing the starters, main courses and more, the rich culinary heritage and hearty flavours excited our senses.



Our hosts bought in some remarkable starters such as the Olivier Salad and Crispy Eggplant Salad complete with sesame seeds and cherry tomatoes. When dining at Zor Dubai, opt for the Muhammara and Tabbouleh from the Cold Mezze, as well as the Beef Samsa that is generously served with adjika sauce...! You won't regret it. Dip the traditional Uzbek Tandoor Bread into the lemony fresh Hummus and kick start your dining journey at Zor Dubai with style.


Those that enjoy a warm hearty soup, reach out for the Chuchvara at this Palm Jumeirah restaurant and enjoy Lamb Dumplings served with sour cream and clear broth.


Looking for more? No worries!



Opt for the authentic Zor Osh, a traditional lazar rice dish that hits the spot! Make your dining journey at Zor Dubai a feast and go all in with the Lamb Shoulder (AED 450) or the Beshbarmak (AED 400) and enjoy slow-cooked meats designed to please the senses with their rich seasoning and spices. 


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No Zor Dubai experience is complete without a show right at your tables! Watch the chefs at this Uzbek restaurant in Dubai prepare the magnificent 1 metre Lamb Kofta with Cheddar Cheese at your tableside. Feast your senses on the cheese melting all across the 800 grams of chargrilled minced lamb, right before the amazing hosts serve each guest.


After all that meat, it is time to taste the sweetness that Zor Dubai has to offer. From the dessert menu, opt for the delicious Pistachio Meringue Roll (AED 65) or reach out for the warm and golden Waffle Rolls (AED 55) that are filled to the brim with cooked condensed milk. The Napolean Cake (AED 59) will also be giving sweet tooth lovers exactly what they paid for!


Are you looking to dine on authentic Uzbek cuisine or even throw a feast for your mates? Zor Dubai is for you!



Location: Zor, The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Contact: +971 52 184 9443

Timing: Daily, 1 PM - 1 AM

Visit Zor Dubai's official website for more information








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