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DJ Keza fuels dance parties with fresh beats of his latest single, ‘Gasba’, which is now available for streaming!



Internationally recognised DJ and producer DJ Keza has just announced the official debut of his newest single, ‘Gasba’, and its accompanying music video. DJ Keza is a Paris native who currently holds residency in Dubai, where he entertains six nights a week at some of the city’s hottest homes for nightlife. Most recently, DJ Keza opened in Dubai EXPO 2020 for Marshmello and Coldplay.


As a producer, DJ Keza is known for his ability to throw down beats that make his crowds go wild. A master of authentic nightlife beats, he knows how to get an audience on their feet.



With the debut of ‘Gasba’, DJ Keza brings another summer smash to the hearts of his fans. The new track can be found on all major streaming platforms, as well as in DJ Keza’s live performances in Dubai.


DJ Keza has brought the gasba, a north Algerian wind instrument into a few of his recent club hits. For instance, in ‘Jalebi’, the gasba was dropped. In ‘Gasba’, the same sound is heard against an energizing mix. In this pumping new track, DJ Keza exemplifies his innate talent as a producer and DJ. His music keeps fans dancing all night, and he’s excited to add ‘Gasba’ to his setlist.


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The music video for ‘Gasba’ debuted on YouTube at the beginning of the month and has already amassed well over 20,000 views, promising more to come. Filmed in the Casbah of Algier, Algeria, the video gives an authentic look at the Algerian culture. For instance, Chadi Madi, a local name given to the game of choice played by people worldwide, is being played during the video.


DJ Keza thanks his loyal fans and all who played a part in the creation of ‘Gasba’.


Further information about DJ Keza, including his streaming music and upcoming show dates, can be found on his official website.


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