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The city's slick dining scene is incomplete without a chic, Cyberpunk inspired dining venue... and in Dubai, that is AKA.


Making our way towards The Palm, the city lights we passed by tingled our senses, for we were about to step into the world of the edgy and opulent Japanese restaurants in Dubai. Mastering the art of Japanese dining, the modern lounge bathed us in its signature fuchsia lighting. Our tastebuds were ready for the night...



The best seats AKA: The red velvet cushioned booths under the red cherry blossoms with Japanese-inspired art as your backdrop. 


Taking in the faint sounds of the techno music, we can't help but feel as though we were transported to the edgy contemporary dining scenes of Tokyo! Adorned in true Japanese glamour, AKA has an intoxicating vibe to it. Was it the decor? Was it the chic hosts and hostesses? Was it the smell of fresh sushi on the tables? We were about to find out...



Wasting no time, we grabbed our Geisha: the Roku Gin-based cocktail infused with Sake, Lime and Elderflower never disappoint at this Japanese restaurant. If Rum is your drink of choice, order the Pisang Martini, a spiced Rum with wild green banana and egg whites. AKA was filled with stylish young adults sipping on their Sake and grooving to the techno beats as they dish up on A5 wagyu. 


These are the must-try dishes at AKA, take notes! 



Start off your Japanese culinary journey at this Palm Jumeirah restaurant with steamed Edamame with sea salt, followed by the famous Korean wings drenched in homemade barbeque sauce. Don't forget to sink your teeth into the breaded deep-fried 'Crispy Beef 'wagyu covered in spicy beef sauce. Looking for something lighter and fresher? Get your hands on the Ceviche Sea Bass dressed in ponzu vinegar, lime juice and hot bean paste. A 10/10 starter choice! 



Maki and Sashimi lovers in Dubai, listen close... these are the must-try dishes at AKA Dubai. Wondering what the best Maki to try at this Japanese restaurant, get your hands on the Philadelphia Maki, Spicy Tuna Maki with pickled jalapeno, the Salmon Mango Maki as well as the Salmon Aburi Maki for the table. We opted for the Sashimi Platter to mix things up and to our tastebud's surprise, a stunning array of salmon, tune, sweet shrimps, smoked eel and salmon roe was placed in front of us! Time to get your cameras out, foodies! 



Our mouths watered at the sight of the Wagyu Tenderloin generously cooked in AKA butter. The Truffle Cream Udon stole our hearts with its earthy flavours and warm and silky texture. The Miso Black Cod was the cherry on top! For side dishes, order the Truffle fries for that extra crunch! After the feast of meaty favourites and rich flavours, let the cool and creamy Mochi please the palate! Opt for the strawberry for the zesty freshness and chocolate for cocoa lovers. 


Foodies in Dubai, if you are looking for the next best foodie adventure, specifically Japanese cuisine, give AKA a go! The delicious menu did not disappoint! 


What to wear: Dress to impress

Must-try dishes: Ceviche Sea Bass, Salmon Mango Maki & Truffle Cream Udon 




Click here to find out more about AKA Dubai.

Location: The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah

Working hours: 6 PM till late

Contact: +971 4 578 05 555


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