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A message from Classic Fine Foods General Manager, Regis Bertrand

“We got to know and learn about new restaurants in the region, new chefs, a new generation, in the just celebrated special revelation that took place at the Dubai Opera.

After such a reveal, now there is a legitimate list of recommended restaurants (the 69 restaurants by the guide) which makes Dubai a gastronomic destination! It puts Dubai on the gastronomic map, so the new arrivals to the country, let be business or leisure or can now have a guide through the Michelin list and can plan their trips with this in mind, increasing the visibility of this restaurants to another level.

For us, as a food supplier, able to get any sort of ingredient from around the world, our job and passion are concentrated to support the chefs, support their vision, and deliver what they expect to grow and providing them with the opportunity to become better. Chefs are now inspired to improve from 1 level to the other, either be it a BIB who wants to accomplish a star or a star who wants to become 2 or even 3 stars. Classic Fine Foods reinforces its position as a fine dining supplier by providing high-quality ingredients that can support this journey.


Being the official partner of Michelin is about continuing the journey and we have been tasked with the honour of visiting the winners in their houses to hand over the sacred and precious plaque, that will be placed on the entrance of the winning restaurant for recognition! "


Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the Michelin Guides remarked:

“We are delighted to have the chance to bring this event to Dubai. Our team has been working hard to put everything into place and prepare the finest selection of ingredients and suppliers to partner with. We will truly be showcasing the best of Dubai’s gastronomy, in collaboration with Classic Fine Foods; we hope to reflect the unique diversity on show in the famed city.”

This heavenly partnership between Classic Fine Foods and Michelin Guide was conceived around the idea of being able to provide five-star quality ingredients, and this is done through the impressive brands Classic Fine Foods work with. The strong connections and direct links they have with such amazing brands, allow them to understand the whole chain, right from selecting the products to plating them in exquisite dishes. They are able to make things happen depending on the requests of the chefs and they have direct contact with the suppliers, ensuring reliability in the products they receive. Having a strong global connection, and being present in 11 countries, allows Classic Fine Foods to optimize its distribution channels, having stronger communication in the process.


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