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Sirali Restaurant brings Turkish cuisine to Dubai with the new Al Habtoor City venue.



Sirali, the famed Turkish restaurant in Dubai known for blending Turkey’s 500-year old culinary culture with innovative and creative presentation, takes great pleasure in announcing the opening of its branch in Dubai’s Al Habtoor City.



In Dubai, Sirali is eager to embark on the next step of its brand journey, whose main vision is to introduce the local flavours of Turkish Cuisine to the entire world, with its innovative presentations and approaches. This exceptional restaurant’s goal is to stir excitement with its centuries-old recipes presented in styles that defy expectations. Sirali upholds its deep commitment to the traditional facets of its time-honoured recipes, which bear both Arabic and Turkish traits.



Cocktail lovers! At Sirali, a great company for a delicious Turkish meal, the signature Cosmonat.


But in characteristic fashion, it rejects limits, believing in the absolute freedom to be innovative in the creation of the restaurant’s trademark dishes, capturing new but more harmonious presentations that reflect the rapid pace at which humanity is progressing. Don't forget to try the delicious Turkish Breakfast on Saturday to kick start your weekend on a high note from 10 am till 1 pm. Also, check out the Raki nights on Thursday from 8 pm till midnight. Sirali is also offering up foodies a chance to dine daily on innovative delicacies and local dishes.



The restaurant is always on the lookout for the freshest, most delicious products along with the best raw materials. We wish to make our, to be recognized worldwide for our innovative presentations and approaches. Sirali is a destination that offers a unique collection of recipes and culinary direction that is exclusive to the brand. The restaurant will cater to the surrounding neighbourhood and Dubai’s discerning community of Turkish cuisine and kebab lovers with its menu of proven and high-quality products.


The menu items and the style of preparation are unpretentious and focus exclusively on food and service quality, coupled with a commitment to elegance and sophistication, in terms of customer care and ambience, an essential aspect of the successful expression and delivery of Sirali brand values.



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Location: Al Habtoor City

Contact: +971 58 582 7092




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