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Inspired by the energy and appetites of Downtown Hong Kong, TÀN CHÁ Dubai serves up a menu and ambience that transports your senses to the streets of China and infuses provincial culinary traditions with a modern touch.



Walking into the restaurant, TÀN CHÁ bathes you in emerald green tones that immediately give out a regal feel.


The ultra-modern ambience and gold fittings of the interior space get your tastebuds ready to sink your teeth into the fine cuisine that awaits. Opt for the outdoor dining area and you will be greeted by hospitable hosts and a breathtaking view of the Dubai Canal in purple neon lights. A stunning sight for sore eyes!



The stylish brigade of diners at TÀN CHÁ grooved to the instrumental house and afrobeat mixes as they scanned the conceptual Chinese menu for chic cocktails to match the mood. The 'Lazy Panda' cocktail is quite a popular number with the ladies!


A coconut and pineapple rum-based drink mixed with Bacardi Negra and Falernum was as delicious and inviting as it looks! Opt for this chic cocktail for AED 65.



Our table was beautifully adorned with emerald and gold porcelain cutlery with chopsticks customized with our names, making our dining experience quite intimate with this personal touch.








 We couldn’t have started off our culinary journey at TÀN CHÁ any better. Reach out for the warm starter: the Honey nut crispy beef cubes.. for their tenderness, flavour and mouth-watering texture tossed in honey dressing and Huang Fei Hong Peanuts.


Looking for a cold starter to tease the palate? The Crispy Kale Crackers with sweet chilli sauce and Plum pickled tomatoes drenched in sweet vinegar is the way to go. Sweet, succulent and will leave you wanting more.



The light and airy TÀN CHÁ Prawn toast, Mushroom fritters served with peppercorn vinaigrette, as well as the Salt and Pepper French Beans are also worth diving into! Foodies in Dubai, trust us, these starters are for the win.







Dim Sum: the hearty and comforting soul food we all know and love. What better way to indulge in the ultimate comfort dish than with the hands of expert Chinese connoisseurs at this Business Bay restaurant.



Tuck into the Truffle mushroom bun: a warm bun shaped into a realistic mushroom shape encasing a delicious filling of king oyster, shitake and black truffle, presented in a stunningly artistic dish. Another delicious dish to sink your teeth into is the Bumblebee wagyu beef buns made with wagyu beef and Szechuan honey sauce, beautifully shaped into fun bumblebees!



Dim Sum and truffle lovers can also reach for the Song Lu Cheong Fun made with Shitake, King oyster, Cordyceps and black truffle paste for that kick of truffle and a sweet ending. Get your cameras out for this one, diners! The Vegan spring rolls beautifully pay homage to Chinese traditions with their artistic and buoyant presentation. It tastes just as good as it looks!







This ideal sharing style main course will keep you wanting more.



Served in an aesthetic wooden box, the Classic crispy-skinned Pecking Duck is served in true TÀN CHÁ style with a set of wraps, cucumbers, horseradish and 3 accompanying sauces: Foie Gras, Sweet Bun and Preserved Lemon. The interactive dish is a fun way to dine as diners are encouraged to wrap their duck serving and enjoy!


Upgrade your Pecking Duck wrap with a touch of luxury with the Kaluga Caviar supplement for AED 550.








Playful and elegant is the only way to end your culinary affair at TÀN CHÁ.



The vivid colours of the 'Coconut Fantasy' dessert are as sumptuous as its coconut mousse served on cereal crumbs combined with a magical pistachio ice cream. A delight for your sweet tooth. If you have got a liking for Matcha, opt for the delectable ‘Matcha Lover’ that serves you a red bean ice cream with a delicious green tea cheesecake.



Contact: +971 56 681 8881
Location: JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Business Bay, Dubai




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