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This Saturday brunch in Dubai cannot be missed, guys!


Set high on the Meydan Hotel with panoramic views, embark on a culinary journey across the Spanish islands at Hola rooftop restaurant and lounge. Presentingnever-ending summer vibes, evoking the soul of Ibiza, Formentera, and Mallorca in one beautiful place, bringing traditional unctuous and moreish Spanish flavours and aromas to Dubai.



At Hola, we know how to brunch in style, it’s not just about the food, it’s a mindset, an attitude, a celebration of life. Share this philosophy with us and get that feel-good factor. With that in mind, we are taking you on a trip by launching the Saturday brunch in Dubai with flavourful dishes from across the islands.


Tasty fried potatoes, juicy olives, crisp salads, tender steaks, paella, seafood...with such a wide assortment of dishes it's no wonder one of the favourite ways to eat Spanish food with tapas. You may want to start with a refreshing salad or two before moving on to other gastronomic gems.

Watermelon and perfect feta cheese combine for a refreshing salad. Relish our Ceviche Capon-a colourful, refreshing salad made with citrusy salmon and fresh mango with sweet potatoes adding their creamy sweetness to the dish.
At this rooftop brunch in Dubai, savour the nigiri platter; a selection of thinly-sliced fresh raw fish laid over a compacted sheet and salty vinegared rice. Try a small dab of wasabi with it. The Solomillo, grain-fed sirloin steak grilled to perfection is another must-try treat on the menu as is the Pollo Milanese, a chicken breast lovingly coated in a special crumb mixture.
For a veritable feast of seafood, go for the Paella de Mariscos: sea bream, tiger prawns, clams, mussels and Patagonian squid. 
We hope you left room for dessert because we have some of the coolest and most delectable in town. How about Brioche Catalana? A Chocolate ganache, coupled with coconut ice cream, orange cream and churros. Does that push any buttons for you? Or perhaps the Hot Brownie with Amarula, dulce de leche, strawberry sorbet and caramelized walnuts. It cannot be better than this.
Please note that this brunch offer is only available after Ramadan.
When: Every Saturday
Time: 1 pm till 5 pm
Location: Hola Rooftop, Meydan Hotel, Dubai
Package 1 – AED 350 with hops and grapes
Package 2 – AED 420 with house pouring drinks
Package 3 – AED 595 with bubbles and sparkles
All packages include the above food menu
DJ performing: justbradj


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