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This Ramadan, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, one of the city’s most renowned luxury hotels welcome visitors to enjoy an intimate setting beneath the glittering sky for iftar and suhoor delights with friends, family, and colleagues at its ‘Terrace Between the Towers’.


At this elegant venue, guests can enjoy a seamless blend of traditional Arabic hospitality in an opulent setting, which includes a luxurious outdoor majlis the setting, where modern design and traditional taste coexist in perfect harmony, with spectacular views of the UAE’s most prestigious structure, the Museum of the Future.


Diners in Dubai may dine on traditional Arabic and Levantine fare as well as modern favourites while listening to the calming sounds of the live oud. With its spectacular views of the city and now the lights of the newly opened Museum of the Future, Jumeirah Emirates Towers is the ideal venue for guests to experience the combination of UAE delicacies with dishes originating from the country's flora and wildlife found within its boundaries.


For a more private gathering, guests have the option of booking an exclusive Ramadan Majlis for the evening. The hotel will be serving an astounding assortment of only the best dishes in a tribute to the UAE's traditions and cuisine in weekly rotating menus, providing a diverse range of culinary selections that will leave anybody eating at Jumeirah Emirates Towers eager for more.


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Every dish on the menus has been meticulously crafted to offer guests a memorable experience while spending quality time with their loved ones. The menu includes an exciting selection of freshly squeezed juices, authentic and diverse appetizers, main courses, and desserts. The menus include a variety of crowd-pleasing hot mezzehs, such as warm Lamb Kebbeh and Falafel, alongside a selection of cheeses, and dried fruits. From the deserts of the UAE, the menu offers a Camel Roast which is gently cooked to make it succulent and soft, and seasoned with local spices to tantalize every diner's palate.

The Grilled Goat, which is tender yet has a wonderful sear on its surface, will also be on the menu to represent the country's rocky mountains. Diners in Dubai will enjoy a seaside buffet of several seasonal fishes such as prawns, kingfish fillets, Mackerel, Sultan Ibrahim (threadfin bream), Seabream, and Red Snapper from the waters of the Arabian Sea. For a sweet afternote, guests can round off the night with best-loved desserts including the Umm Ali and Emirati fried dumplings Luqiamat, as well as the gen-z famous Milk cake, chocolate Kunafa (a variant on the classic dish Kunafa), or Mango crème Brulee, which is perfect for welcoming summer.

Kirti Anchan, General manager of Jumeirah Emirates Tower, said: “We are thrilled to announce that Jumeirah Emirates Tower is launching an incredible culinary spread in our first-ever Ramadan venue in Dubai under the stars, which families, colleagues, and friends can enjoy together. With the striking location of the Majlis in front of the Museum of the Future, we want to provide our guests with an unparalleled dining experience and get into the spirit of the holy month.”

The Ramadan Majlis at Jumeirah Emirates Tower, which can accommodate 500 guests, will be open from April 2nd and available daily throughout Ramadan from sunset onwards at Dhs 275 per person.



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