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Pre-gaming for your next party? Looking for a refreshing mixer for your fav spirit? Well, this one is for you!


Introducing... *drum roll* PRE.


Vibrant flavours bottled in chic glass packaging, PRE. comes in 6 flavours and guys, they are all fantastic! Sip your spirit of choice with a variety of flavours before your next party in Dubai! The flavours include apple sour twist, atomic basil smash, polished Moscow mule, passion fruit rush, tropical watermelon haven and sweet coconut encounter! 


Flavours fit for every tastebud (and under 155 Kcal!), here is how you can mix your perfectly matched PRE. drink!


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If you are pulled towards a bold and bitter mix, the Polished Moscow Mule is your go-to for its ginger extract, zesty lime and fresh cucumber flavours. If you are looking for a TANG!, get your hands on the Apple Sour Twist! Luscious Watermelon lovers, reach for the Tropical Watermelon Haven... on the rocks, please!


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Quench your thirst with a crisp basil smash mixer: Atomic Basil Smash! Every sip will make leave you craving for more. The Sweet Coconut Encounter will give you all the tropical feels, a bold and nutty taste, get your tastebuds ready for this drink to sweeten your spirit!


OUR FAV: was definitely the Passion Fruit Rush! Pick this special mixer for its sweet caramel, passionfruit and citrus flavour for a killer drink to start off your night.


Whether you are heading out for the night or unleashing your inner host, impress your mates with stunning flavours and mixing skills with PRE. 




Contact:  +971 50 748 8640 | [email protected]

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