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The 20,000 ft urban food & bar space was transformed into a lively and vibrant carnival that offered an exceptional multi-sensory dining experience unlike any other.


Guests were welcome to unwind with a selection of crafted cocktails and beverages, complete with a diverse menu of bites from the venue’s F&B outlets including Pinsanity, Couqley, Ichiban Sushi, Zaroob, Circle Cafe, Rock House Sliders, Japang, and more – offering a global palette all around.


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The opening saw a spectacular night filled with experiences from 8 pm until late, which included tailored activations showcasing the various amenities, F&B and retail outlets available under one roof. Dubai-based DJ, Producer, and Radio and TV host, Jack Sleiman kicked off the event with his first-of-many ‘Social Talks’ episodes – a podcast that runs entirely at the live radio station situated on the lower level. Skilled artists broke into an impromptu runway show, strutting across the space while representing Social Distrikt’s multiple cuisines and offerings, followed by an animated dance and gymnastic performance.


Magician and mentalist, James Fabulous fascinated guests with his magnificent riddles and tricks through the night, while a graffiti artist amazed passersby with the creation of a live mural. Bringing the concept of ‘One Big Gathering’ to life, the artwork highlights faces of guests that will stay on the walls of Social Distrikt. The evening ended with a stellar performance by the award-winning artist and musician, Abri who swept the crowd off their feet with his captivating tunes and covers.


 About Social Distrikt:


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“Social Distrikt” is a one-stop destination for replenishing dining experiences. Social Distrikt is the social experiment that caters to diverse communal activities under one roof, designed to gather consumers with those they love in perfect harmony. It is the urban food hall experience that foodie and nightlife enthusiasts pick out from the crowd when seeking the right environment for good food and a good time. Whether seeking a contemplative moment on the greenhouse terrace, meeting up with friends for a cup of brewed coffee, or looking for recreational pastimes at an interactive space, Social Distrikt will offer guests a memorable and wholesome ‘dining and unwinding experience.





Opening hours: Monday-Thursday, 9 am-1 am | Friday-Sunday, 9 am-2 am

Location: The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah

Reservation: +971 52 515 8995


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