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The award-winning destination situated at the heart of Dubai, Dukes the Palm, a Royal Hideaway Hotel, offers a five-star escape into a world of glamour and exclusivity.


For the season, the property’s very own Champagne and Tea Lounge has launched its new menu of delectable sushi offerings. Available from 6 pm to 10 pm every evening from Tuesday to Sunday, guests can revel in a wide selection of flavourful and freshly prepared sushi, sashimi, nigiri, and many more. 



This classic and sophisticated lounge welcomes guests into a traditional British space, perfect for afternoon tea, and has now transformed evenings for guests to witness live sushi makings and indulge in mouthwatering Japanese delicacies.


The all-new Sushi Lounge offers a wide range of maki rolls including Tsurai Tuna, Dynamite, Mango Tapuri, California, and even vegetarian maki rolls.


Asparagus and Daikon temakis are available along with a selection of salmon, tuna, crabstick, and smoked eel Gunkans, Nigiris, and Sashimis. Champagne and Tea Lounge’s Sushi Platters are also perfect for an after-work catch up which includes a selection of maki rolls, nigiris, and sashimis. Kani, Kaizen, and Papaya salad can be enjoyed alongside the Sushi offerings as well. 


Champagne and Tea Lounge offers the quintessential British ambiance with a scrumptious menu and now a succulent Sushi Lounge.





What: The Sushi Lounge   

Where: Champagne and Tea Lounge, Dukes the Palm  

When: Tuesdays to Sundays   

Time: 6 pm to 10 pm

Contact: Email [email protected] or call +971 4 455 1101 or visit The Sushi Lounge website


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