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Published: December 6th 2021




Dinner and a show? It may have been done before, but never quite like this.

From the glitz and glamour to the food, dancing and singing, to the party at Billionaire Dubai that lasts till three in the morning, Billionaire has a whole lot of everything.

Dripping in gold and draped in red velvet, guests are treated to a unique show, that is constantly changing and evolving - but what else would you expect from an Artistic Director that counts Cirque du Soleil as a highlight on her CV? Montserrat (Montse) Moré brings her own distinct flair to Billionaire, working with a hand-picked group of performers, collaborating and creating an unforgettable show that is unique to Billionaire.

Created in house, the team works for months to come up with the show, the result -something fresh and new and ever-changing, no two weeks at Billionaire are ever the same.

Standing out amongst the crowd of dinner-and-a-show options in Dubai, the cast of Billionaire are among the many reasons that make this show something special.

World-class dancers and singers, these talented performers have travelled the world and honed their craft to become experts at what they do best.

Get to Billionaire to get to know the amazing cast better.





From the moment Luciano started to sing, he knew that he was destined to be on the stage. After falling in love with performing at school, he went on to study music and musical theatre and performed all over the world. His performances are driven by the need to give back to the audience and to create something unforgettable, making Billionaire the perfect match for his creative talents. Taking centre stage in Billionaire Dubai’s extravagant show, working directly with the show’s artistic director, Montse, Luciano harnesses his unique singing abilities to create something truly inspirational. For Luciano, Billionaire is a parallel universe, what happens inside the red velvet draped world of Billionaire Dubai, stays there.






Singing runs in Eimy’s blood. This talented vocalist started performing from the moment she could talk, finding a way to express her emotions through the power of song. Her incredible vocal range lights up the Billionaire stage, bringing an intoxicating mix of high energy and soulful seduction to the stage. For Eimy, Billionaire is original and powerful, the dramatically orchestrated show is both audacious and discreet, allowing her to use the full spectrum of her talents. Eimy treats guests to an unparalleled performance every night at Billionaire Dubai, with her incredible vocals at the heart of the show.






The two incredible performers behind Duo Balance, Dan and Constantin, met in their early childhood and have been inseparable ever since. These powerful athletes have honed their craft over years, to create their thrilling and unexpected acts, based on strength, stamina and trust. Motivated by creating something truly meaningful, that conveys a story to the audience, MDuo Balance is an inspirational team that lights up the stage and treat the audience at Billionaire to a masterclass of human strength.







With a background in judo and gymnastics, Charlie came to his acrobatic career a little later in life, after discovering his love of the circus acts and performing. Taking part of his salary from the audience’s reaction to his incredible acrobatic feats, he lives to perform. Daring and dramatic, Charlie takes to the Billionaire stage to celebrate human strength and power, with his playful and energetic act. Working closely with artistic director Montse, Charlie has created something unique to the Billionaire stage, ready to wow audiences with his unique performance.






Having been drawn to the stage from a young age, Danny lives to perform. A talented dancer, he has toured the world, performing with an impressive array of different artists, before starting his career as an MC. His impressive CV includes highlights such as working with Justin Bieber and opening New York Fashion Week. The character that takes to the Billionaire stage, Logan, was created just for Billionaire Dubai to capture the famed establishment’s thrill-seeking and audacious personality. Pushing the boundaries of entertainment in Dubai, Danny is a force on the stage, commanding the room and guiding the electrifying performances at Billionaire Dubai. Dazzling audiences every night, guests can expect the unexpected when Danny walks on stage.






Following in her mother’s footsteps, Alena was introduced to the circus and the stage at a young age. An impressive athlete, highlights of her career include winning gold at the international circus festival in Saint-Paul-les-Dax and working on the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Alena’s colourful act combines two types of handstands with hula-hoops and a catching triple balance – a daring movement that is unique to her. Alena’s bold and energic performance is a show of incredible flexibility, power and strength – it is sure to light up the stage and thrill audiences every single night.



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