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The spookiest night of the year is nearly upon us, with Halloween just around the corner. Whether you are planning to spend the night hitting Dubai clubs or going to a house party, you will need to wear a creeptastic Halloween costume.
But did you realise that what fancy dress costume you wear says quite a lot about you. Dubai Night has dug deep in our Psych books to analyse what your choice of Halloween costume gives away about you.
1. Pop Culture Heroine
If you love nothing better than dressing up as one of the Kardashians, Taylor Swift, or Wonder Woman then we can guarantee that you are a social media butterfly. You keep up to date with all the latest celebrity gossip, and know exactly who is dating whom in Hollywood.
And what message will your costume convey? You may not realize it, but what you dress up as on Halloween says a lot about you!
2. The Group Fancy Dress
You and your team love to dress up in group costume, to show how in touch with each other you are. So whether you dress up as members of a girl band, or as teddy bears, you are sending a message to everyone that you love your besties and they love you back. If you are gonna look silly, then you don’t have to do it alone, and imagine how great the Selfies will be.
If you’re going to look ridiculous, the group costume ensures that you don’t look ridiculous alone. You may be an individual on any other given day of the year, but Halloween is not that day.
3. The Complicated but Fun Homemade Costume 
Halloween is your fave time of the year, as you love getting in touch with your creative side. You will plan in advance what you are going to wear, and go about making it with military precision. Making your own homemade Halloween costume, makes you feel in control of your own destiny. We applaud your individuality too!

4. The Funny Punny Costume
If you love words, we bet you love playing with them when you devise your Halloween outfit. Whether you are dressing as a cereal killer in a blood splashed cereal box, or static cling, with gloves stuck to your body, we think you are the life and soul of the party and keep the jokes flowing.
5. The Couples Cossie
If you and your boy/girlfriend are always together, then why should that change at Halloween? You are planning on going in themed outfits so whether it is dressing up as Kim n Kanye, Sid and Nancy or as Donald and Daisy Duck, Dubai Night can guarantee that you will both look adorable in your matching costumes.
6. The Black Cat
If your idea of a great costume for Halloween in Dubai is dressing up as a black cat, then you are not alone. Cat costumes are one of the most popular at this time of year, as they are easy to put together, can look as naughty as you like, and lets face it, cats ARE kinda spooky.

Whatever you and your posse dress up as this Halloween in Dubai, share your Selfies with Dubai Night, we would love to see just how scary you can get.


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