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Published: September 28th 2021

The high energy, post-work hotspot with an open-air terrace adorned with neon pillars meant to take your worries away: that is GLO DIFC. 

Take off your blazers, slap on those heels and loosen your ties. Located at the DIFC's prime location: Al Fattan Currency House, the Dubai hotspot is as trendy as it is chic! Making our way towards the DIFC restaurant, the sophistication at GLO Dubai spoke for itself! Fit to suit all kinds of occasions, from business lunches, casual hangouts or birthday celebrations, GLO Dubai proved itself to be a one-stop-shop and here's why!


1_ The vibe: A trendy wonderland of smooth shisha, cocktails to die for and groovy beats all night.

Stepping into its outdoor terrace, the enchanting and magically modern design of over-arching LED lights above us left us starstruck. Sit back and enjoy the instagrammable moment of the outdoor setting by the cool looking bar and take in the gorgeous surrounding city lights!

DIFC's towering skyscrapers embrace GLO Dubai and added a touch of glam paired with its neon elements. Come winter in Dubai, this is the elegant social hotspot to be!


2_ Bringing the bartender and drink right to you!

DubaiNight Live Insta-Story

At GLO Dubai, get ready for an unconventional bar experience. The DIFC restaurant brings the bar, bartender and drinks right to your tableside and prepares your cocktail right in front of your eyes! All you have to do is pick your favourite premium cocktail (we chose the 'POUR DECISIONS'), let the friendly tableside bartender know and enjoy the show!

Pull out your phones and experience the creation of carefully curated cocktails that come to life, only at GLO DIFC


3_ The Instagram worthy location to lay back and ooze GLO-wy confidence.

Walking into the neighbouring indoor location at GLO Dubai, the powerful and electric ambience speaks for itself! Screaming chic and trendy, the fashionable atmosphere at GLO Dubai came alive with neon signage dawning messages of empowerment and femininity. We were greeted with Pina Coladas with dried fruit and to our very special delight, the drinks just kept on coming!

Imagine a cheeky ladies night at this hotspot! Lucky you, GLO Dubai hosts an amazing Ladies Night in Dubai called YOU GLO GIRL!


4_ The presentation, flavour and decadence will baffle your senses!

DubaiNight Live Insta-Story

The top tier aura at GLO Dubai was magnified with the unique blend of flavours, textures and the presentation style of the most important element: the food! At GLO Dubai, tuck into the sharing-style...

...Must-Try Starters:

- Kale Quinoa Salad with Butternut squash, pomegranate seeds, goat cheese and toasted seed crumble
- The stunning Vegan Tartare Rolls with beetroot, avocado and soy mayo!
Chicken Satay Skewers with roasted peanut sauce and pickled vegetables.
Chicken & Roasted Garlic Gyoza with apple slaw and spicy Asian sauce!

...Must-Try Main Courses:

The GLO Special Roll with Norwegian Salmon, deep-fried Katsu and teriyaki sauce
Flatbread A'La Margherita with Burrata and Basil
Risotto Primavera with Mascarpone, beetroot and carrot puree and Melange of vegetables
Chicken Curry Bomb with Indian spice marinated chicken skewers, cumin rice and makhni gravy

All in all, the absolutely mouthwatering culinary and visual experience at GLO Dubai deserves a 10/10! If you are in the DIFC area, strut your way into the Dubai hotspot and make the most out of this Dubai restaurant! 

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Location: GLO, Al Fattan Currency House, DIFC, Dubai
Contact: +971 50 682 9537


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