Friday | August 06, 2021

NEW UPDATE ! Back to normal business hours - Entertainment activities until 3

NEW UPDATE ! Back to normal business hours - Entertainment activities until 3
Subject: Ease of Restrictions precautionary measures, starting from August 12, 2021.


The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing extends warm greetings to all of our stakeholders and partners. As directed by the Command Centre, below is the updated set of precautionary measures for the tourism sector. The department directs all concerned to abide by the following:

Hotel Establishments: Increase the capacity of all hotel establishments facilities to 100%. With the increase in the capacity of all places of worship from 30% to 50%.


Restaurants and cafes:

1. Increasing the capacity to 80%, with the possibility of reducing the social distance between tables from 2 to 1.5 meters.

2. Back to normal pre-pandemic business hours, while complying with permit and guidelines issued by the department.

3. Restaurants and cafes are allowed to extend entertainment activities until 3 in the morning while adhering to the general rules.

Recreational/ entertainment places: increase the capacity of all recreational facilities, exhibitions, museums, cinemas, and tourism activities to 80%.

Business events: Increasing the capacity to 100%, while adhering to all business events protocols issued by the department.

Community events: Increase the number of participants to 2,500 indoors and 5,000 outdoors, with no mandatory vaccination.


Entertainment and sporting events:

1. Increasing event capacity (including audiences) to 60% without specifying the maximum number of participants, with no mandatory vaccination.

Allowing entertainment activities (with free movement i.e. standing concerts) and limiting them to vaccinated participants, with a maximum number of attendees 5,000 people, while adhering to the general rules.

3. Mandatory vaccination for performers residing in the country, or a negative PCR valid for 24 hours for those not vaccinated prior to the event.
Institutional events and award ceremonies: Increase the number of participants to a maximum of 1,000 people, with no mandatory vaccination.


Social Activities:

1. Increasing the capacity to 60% and not to exceed 300 people, with no mandatory vaccination.

2. The party host must pledge to bear full responsibility in adhering to all precautionary measures.

3. It is forbidden to enter those who have any health symptoms and encourage children, the elderly and those with chronic diseases not to attend the ceremony in order to preserve public health.

Accordingly, the department warns of the need to fully adhere to the precautionary measures and procedures issued in advance, and Dubai Tourism will continuously assess the new situation with the health authorities, and we appreciate your constant cooperation and value your efforts as key partners to serve the public interest and protect the safety and health of the community.


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