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Published: August 3rd 2021

Greeted by the luxurious chandelier over us as we stepped into Dukes The Palm, The Royal Hideaway Hotel Dubai, we were escorted graciously into the Great British Restaurant in style. The award-winning Great British Restaurant welcomed us with a feeling of nostalgia, comfort and elegance. Adorned in black and white tiles and cool tone finishings, our first impression of the Great British Restaurant was how inviting the ambience was. The Palm Jumeirah restaurant was adorned with large scale, vintage photographs all over the restaurant reminiscent of a simpler time.

We swayed to the gentle music as we walked to our seats and scanned the dining room. The casual dining ambience of Mediterranean nights at the 
Great British Restaurant has gathered families and couples of all ages all over Dubai as the smell of fresh roast and comfort food filled the air. Our amazing host, Mohamed, who impressed us by speaking multiple languages presented us the drinks menu and a crisp glass of Malbec screamed at us. A good option for the roasted goodness we were eager to indulge in.

We started off at the salad bar on the far right; laid out with soups, an assortment of cheeses, seafood ceviche, grilled roast potatoes and a rich variety of salads that are bound to satisfy your tastebuds. The potato, couscous and Caeser salad was an ideal option to begin the night. The hosts at the buffet that were plating up for us were attentive and generous with the serving.

Being the pasta lovers that we are, we were pleased that the pasta station at the Great British Restaurant buffet prepared your dish right in front of you. Opt for white sauces with tagliatelle topped in parmesan with a handful of broccoli. As we moved to the international spread section, the delicious roasts, seafood lasagna, Spanish paella and assortment of roasted vegetables filled the room with an aroma of food made with love. We found a home with the sumptuous selections of roasts that went perfectly well with the red wine.

Walking back to our seats, something delicious caught our eye. The bite-size carrot cakes at the dessert bar called our names. Moist and decadent, the freshness and divine flavour was the perfect end to our culinary journey at the restaurant. 

Ideal for casual group dining and intimate gatherings, the Mediterranean themed buffet at this Palm Jumeirah restaurant did not disappoint. Not only is it known for amazing British dishes, but the international selections also made our night worth the spend! Whether you are looking for an offer to celebrate a special occasion with friends and family, or a casual dinner with your loved ones, The Great British Restaurant is an option for you!

Check out this amazing weekly schedule at The Great British Restaurant

Sunday: British Night
Monday: Italian Night
Tuesday: Asian
Wednesday: International Dinner Buffet
Thursday: Mediterranean 
Friday: Russian Night
Saturday: Arabic Night

Offer: AED 120 per person, Kids (6-12 years old) receive 50% off, Kids under 5 years old is free of charge
Reservation: +971 4 455 1101 | [email protected]
Timing: Daily, 7 PM - 10:30 PM



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