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Published: July 28th 2021

Managing Director of PLAY Restaurant and Lounge Dubai, Sam Chercoles said: “We are preparing Play to break into a realm of fine dining, entertainment and events.”

Since its grand opening on January 1st 2016, PLAY Restaurant and Lounge Dubai, has taken the city by storm and set a new benchmark for fine dining, fusion gastronomy, and what it means to be
a truly unique culinary concept. In a city with thousands of restaurants and hundreds of lounges, PLAY Restaurant and Lounge Dubai has maintained its status as one of the key players and has been able to stand out from the rest, not only with its incredible
Avant-Garde cuisine in Dubai but also with the unforgettable atmosphere it has created behind its playful doors – making it one of Dubai’s most sought after dining destinations.

And that's not all! The successful homegrown grown in Dubai concept has won an amazing five awards and been included four times in the prestigious hot 100 guides, and have another three nominations this year! Make sure to come to PLAY Restaurant and Lounge Dubai and get taken on a culinary adventure that you soon won’t forget.

On July 9, PLAY Restaurant and Lounge Dubai were honoured to resume its magnetizing show program. Featuring the world-famous Italian production company and exclusive partners of the Play Dining Group Nu’Art. PLAY has always been a regional favourite since its debut, with a reputation for delicious cuisine, drinks and an unforgettable experience.

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“Dinner Shows are set to another standard, this will be a game-changer in the Dubai dining scene" - says Mr Chercoles. The re-launching of PLAY Restaurant and Lounge Dubai’s surreal entertainment offering will boast expanded dining and event opportunities. PLAY Restaurant and Lounge Dubai are rapidly expanding in Dubai's nightlife scene with another restaurant in Jeddah are expected to open soon.

PLAY Restaurant and Lounge Dubai’s program can be seen every week, from Monday to Saturday from 8 pm till late.

Location: 36th Floor, The H Hotel, 1 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
For reservations: 04 336 4444 | [email protected]

**Strict social distancing measures are to be followed at all venues**
**Call the venue ahead of your visit to confirm new rules and regulations**
*Photo credits to the owners**



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