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Published: July 18th 2021

The ultimate night of music, seduction, food, and... crime-solving.  

When we say that this hidden bar, decked from ceiling to floor with 1920's flair, truly offered an immersive theatrical and musical night, in the midst of solving a murder mystery... we did not exaggerate. 

Flashback Speakeasy Bar & Lounge Dubai is a 'secret code' protected, hidden drinking gem at the Business Bay hotspot: Paramount Hotel. Far from the modern world, the movie-like, theatrical experience awaited us behind those doors! Once the code was whispered at the secret entrance, we walked into a find hefty leather chesterfield couches, 5 monochrome pictures on the walls and a scent of nostalgia from the 1920s prohibition era.

Similar to stepping into a speakeasy bar from Spanish Harlem, New York City, we were transported to the golden age as the dazzling guests walked in decked out in feather headdresses, glittery dresses, waistcoats, cigarettes, peaky hats, gloves and red lips! 

The night was simply magical. With a spectacular array of modern songs covered in a vintage 1920's fashion and smooth whiskey, we were blown away with the powerhouse vocalists belting out our favourites whilst simultaneously throwing out subtle hints throughout the amazing song choices. 

Powerhouse actors, Mimi, Roxy & Coco

Entrapping his bar staff and three aspiring Broadway stars - Coco (played by Lexie), Roxie (played by LaRudche), and Mimi (played by Andrea Laguna) in a time hole. We, the guests, had to determine who killed the protagonist Clarence and turn in the murderer over to the flappers and the bar staff to let them travel back to the 1920s. Talk about dinner and a show at the Flashback Speakeasy!

Put on your investigation hat, as you step into a movie, an alternative reality of drama, comedy and music behind the hidden speakeasy door in Paramount’s lobby, Flashback, to help settle a century-old homicide.

Food: While gathering clues from the performances, flappers and the hidden rooms, we could not resist tucking into the absolutely divine 'grub' on the menu. We sipped on the 'blood' menu with a selection of wines, whiskeys and Speakeasy special cocktails paired with a deconstructed Gazpacho.

The murder mystery story unravelled as we nibbled on smoked goat cheese lollipops, salmon caviar and stuffed olives, mesmerising our senses by the flawless vocals of the flappers! The Executive Chef of Paramount curated a menu worthy of mention: Confit Patats Bravas, Wild Mushroom Arancini, Wood-smoked Brisket and a sumptuous Chicken Pot Pie! Throughout the evening you get clues from the cast and music, we invite you to think. Grab your fellow mystery buffs, put on your feathers, and find the clues whilst enjoying a night of music and drama.

The host & gorgeous flapper Shirly, played by Monique Hebrard

 8 PM onwards, every Wednesday from 21st July until 20th October 2021
Entertainment: Immersive live actors, singing, dancing, sound & lighting effects
Location: Flashback Speakeasy Bar & Lounge
AED 299 per person (Inclusive of 2 drinks and 3 dishes) 
AED 380 per person (Unlimited House Beverage & Dinner)
AED 550 per person (Unlimited Sparkling Beverage & Dinner)

Contact: +971042466641 
[email protected]
WhatsApp +971551807559

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