Wednesday | July 14, 2021


Published: July 14th, 2021

This nightlife venue in Dubai needs no introduction! AER Lounge, the open-air lounge in Dubai with a scintillating view of Downtown Dubai. At this Dubai hotspot, indulge in weekend family brunches at the AER lounge with a plethora of activities for the young.

AER lounge Dubai is designed to provide guests with an experience laden with luxury and elegance. Set in a breathtaking ambiance and encapsulating opulence, AER Lounge has one of Dubai's longest, most spectacular bars that stretches over 100ft long! 

Reserve your Thursday nights in Dubai with AER Lounge's magnificent weekly rendezvous! WONDERLAND night at AER Lounge is ideal for the kick start of the weekend, where you can enjoy live entertainment like never before!

Every road will lead you to our WONDERLAND night! Dance to the beats of the one and only DJ SHEF CODES, move to the rhythm of Hush bongo on drums, groove to the amazing dancers, and witness a spectacular fire and sparkle show.

Location: Emirates Financial Towers, Dubai
Timing: 9 pm onwards, every Thursday
Contact: 054 99 404 38



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