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Published: March 1st 2021

Il Faro Dubai is situated at the end of the stunning boardwalk of Azure Residences at the Palm Jumeirah. After parking at the Azure parking lot, we made our way towards the entrance where we were greeted warmly by Il Faro Dubai's front desk.


The indoor ambience of this seaside venue in Dubai was crisp, clean and cozy with an ornately decorated interior. Lit for an intimate, romantic dinner, Il Faro Dubai has wooden industrial style lighting, a unique minimalist floor tiles with a vibrant blue and white color palette. The Mediterranean vibe of this Palm Jumeirah venue was enhanced the glisten of the night sky reflected on the sea paired with a distant view of Dubai's skyline and Burj Al Arab. At Il Faro Dubai, couples and their pets were seen seated along the boardwalk, dressed for the outdoors and lounging by the sea.


At Il Faro Dubai, your dining experience will be accompanied by a jazzy instrumental of classics. A tad bit too loud at first, yet an enjoyable selection that seemed to fit well with the mood of Il Faro Dubai.


The fragrance of Italian cuisine filled the air as we seated on Il Faro Dubai's blue netted, ashen wood outdoor seats. We took in the ocean breeze as we scanned the Ladies Night menu... unlimited Prosecco and pizza selections to make your mouth water: Bresaola, Diavola, Bufala, Vegetariana and Margherita. Opting for the Bufala pizza, a smartly dressed team of friendly staff, Amro and Abdul Aziz, placed a delicious sight for sore eyes on the table. Il Faro Dubai's Bufala Pizza was served aesthetically on a wooden crafted pizza peel and had a tomato base with cherry tomato quarters, dollops of bufala cheese, mozzarella and diavola - a spicy tomato base with meat. When indulged, the pizza crust was light, crispy, and chewy, with a respectable flop. The meat used in the diavola was lightly spicy with body and texture to entice a meat lover well enough to order another round. The buffala could have been creamier and fluffier, but the light robustness of the tomato base shone through well.


After the rich and intense Italian Bufala pizza, the Tiramisu was an excellent course to end the culinary journey at Il Faro Dubai. The rich pannacotta topping of the Tiramisu combined well with the soft sponge of each layer made for a fine pick for the dessert lover in Dubai.


The recommended drinks at Il Faro's Ladies Night in Dubai were Prosecco for the ladies and a cold hop selection for the gents. Opt for the Il Faro Dubai signature: Milano Dubai, Gin Basil and Saffron, Azuro, Tequila Lavender Blue Cuaracao. Our night was enhanced by the Milano Dubai's light saffron touch served on a stemmed glass and the sensational Tequila Lavender Blue Curacao served on a simplistic, stemless tumbler.


Il Faro Dubai is worth the spend for an intimate and romantic night out with a special someone or a bunch of friends. The best time to visit Il Faro Dubai is usually during Friday or Saturday lunch. With its accessible location, Il Faro Dubai offers an affordable ladies night package in a relaxing sea view setting with delicious food and bubbles. 

Offer: Unlimited selection of pizza and bubbles.
Pricing: AED165 for ladies | AED245 for gents
Location: Il Faro, Azure Residences, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
Timing: Tuesdays, 7-10pm

**Strict social distancing measures are to be followed at all venues**
**Call the venue ahead of your visit to confirm new rules and regulations**

*Photo credit to the owners*



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