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Published: February 23rd 2021

An unparalleled Japanese dining experience on to kickstart the weekend on a high note.

Walking in to
Gonpachi Dubai at Al Habtoor Boulevard, the thought of 'Kill Bill' being shot under the Gonpachi roof in Tokyo flooded our thoughts, it felt a 'badass' walking into this Japanese restaurant in Dubai. The first outlet outside of TokyoGonpachi Nishi-Azabu transported us into a bygone era in Japan right in the middle of the city. As we entered the wooden furnished venue, we greeted us along with the recognizable Japanese greeting in unison by Gonpachi Dubai's staff. Zsolt, Gonpachi Dubai's General Manager, regaled us on the rich history of the Japanese culinary tales at the famous venue, from the celebrity appearances to the interior architecture designed in authentic Japanese fashion.

Once we sat down in the outdoor patio of Gonpachi, we scanned our surroundings. While we took in the distant greeting calls everytime a guest walks in, the warm color palette and the sunrays lighting up our table outdoors, a 
smartly dressed server in a black kimono with gold letters approached us. When the menu was presented with pride, we scanned the 'Matsuri Friday Menu' in black Japanese-ink style font, that lie a selection of starters, a choice of main and a chef's very own selection of desserts!

While we excitedly anticipated the arrival of our food with the elegant Sake Tasters that were poured by Zsolt, the starters made its way to the table. 

Starters: Matsuri Friday Menu - Gonpachi Dubai

Our Gonpachi Dubai culinary journey started off with Edamame and Kinoko Salad, dressed with sesame seeds in a rustic bowl. Soon after, the Sumiyaki Charcoal Grill, Assorted crunchy Tempura and Karaage fried kitchen paired with a dipping sauce arrived at our table, the colors, the textures, the presentation, a sight for sore eyes! The array of Japanese flavours and textures all married together, safe to say, we savoured every bite. 

Nigiri, Sashimi & International Rolls: Matsuri Friday Menu - Gonpachi Dubai

Our Friday afternoon soared even higher when the Chef's selection of Nigiri, Sashimi and International rolls sat stunningly before us. Beautifully arranged and vivid in presentation, the perfectly created tuna, white tail, eel, as well as the avacado salmon sushi at Gonpachi Dubai perked our senses.

Main Courses: Matsuri Friday Menu - Gonpachi Dubai

Sipping on Presecco, we opted for the Unagi Meshi and Miso Black Cod for the main course by our server, Oleg's, strong recommendation. A bit dubious on the selection, the flavours of the dish stunned our senses. While the servers plated up the Unagi Meshi tableside, we watched in awe as the scent of the dish seeped in. 

Chef's Dessert Selection: Matsuri Friday Menu - Gonpachi Dubai

The chef's selection of desserts at Gonpachi Dubai was the 'cherry on top' of the evening. An elegantly plated variety looked up at us. Our dessert platter presented fruits slices, matcha tiramisu and a delectable Mochi ice cream. 

Celebrate every Friday afternoon with a Japanese culinary experience in Dubai at Gonpachi Dubai, for it as a transportive one. 

Timing: 12:30 pm- 4 pm, every Friday
Location: Gonpachi, Al Habtoor City, Dubai
Contact: +971 54 7913321

**Strict social distancing measures are to be followed at all venues**
**Call the venue ahead of your visit to confirm new rules and regulations**



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