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Published: January 24th 2021

The newly updates restrictions in Dubai relating to the pandemic has introduced further changes to the measures to be taken. To help you stay on top of the major changes, here are the latest COVID-19 rules in Dubai to be aware of.


On 21st January, the DTCM (Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing has issued an official announcement stating that all hotels and restaurants must suspend entertainment activities in Dubai (i.e. DJs, dancers, singers, bands, etc.) effective immediately. The pandemic security measure in Dubai has come about through field inspections conducted throughout Dubai establishments where the majority of violations took place when entertainment activity at Dubai hotels and restaurants were in progress


 On the 22nd January 2021, Dubai's Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management issued an official announcement on the number of attendees at any Dubai social function, wedding and private parties is only limited to 10 people, and they must only be first degree relatives. The official Dubai announcement is effective immediately on Wednesday and applies ot events in Dubai hotels and private homes. 


Dubai's Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management has also increased the obligatory disance between tables at Dubai cafes and restaurants from 2 metres to 3 metres. The group sizes are now limited to 7 people in Dubai restaurants (previously 10)


Things to remember:

Face masks

When leaving home, a face mask is mandatory. Failure to comply a face mask in Dubai could results in a fine of AED 3000 if seen not wearing one in shopping centres, the beach, public spaces, while driving with people you dont live with. 

You can only take off your mask while eating or drinking seated in a restaurant, swimming or during rigorous exercise. 

Non family members in cars

The number of people who can travel together in a car in Dubai is limited to 3 people maximum including the driver.

Taxis and Passenger limits

Dubai Taxis and Limousines are limited to 2 passengers, they must be seated behind the driver. With an exception for Hala Taxi Vans accomodating 4 passengers.



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