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Published: 20th January 2021

Gonpachi Restaurant in Al Habtoor Boulevard Dubai takes you on a culinary journey to the heart of Japan for more than just it's authentic cuisine. The anticipation of the experience heightened as we made our way to the entrance of Gonpachi Dubai at Al Habtoor Boulevard. 

Our first impressions were made at the door. The warm service staff of Gonpachi Dubai greeted us warmly in authentic Japanese fashion. At this point, we were no longer in Dubai. Walking in to the Japanese venue in Dubai, we were transported into Quentin Tarantino's blockbuster scene from Kill Bill. The warm tones, the simplicity of the furnishing, the vast open space, high ceiling and two storey dining atmosphere made us feel as though we were within Japan's embrace.

Opting to seat indoors, our hosts striked up a friendly conversation about the stunning menu. Thinking we were in for some ideal authentic Japanese cuisine, the spread before us spoke for itself. Starting off with Edamame Salty and small boiled green soybeans, the initial flavours of Gonpachi Dubai tantalised our tastebuds. We paired our delicious starters with mocktails of pineapple and a coconut passionfruit, lets just say, exquisite does not begin to cover it. 

We continued our smooth transition of courses with Gonpachi Dubai's sushi selections of Salmon and Spicy Tuna. The striking combination of flavours and visual appeal of the food before us made for a delicious pairing. The flavours blended together well as we dove in for more. Our culinary journey at Gonpachi  Dubai started to look even better once we saw our Nigiri Fatty Tuna Belly, Nigiri Salmon and the infamous Gonpachi Supreme coming towards us. 

The exceptional presentation did not compare to the distinct yet smooth flavours of Japan on our palettes. So much so, we forgot we were in Dubai. The varied assortment of Gonpachi Supreme skewers consisted of Toro, Foie Gras and Kuroge Beef. Perfectly cooked and ready to be eaten, our mains were devoured in a heartbeat. If you are a Wagyu Beef connoisseur, Gonpachi Dubai's mouth melting selection is the place for you. 

After the hearty combination of meat and sushi, we glazed our tongues with Gonpachi Dubai's decadent dessert selection. We opted for the Japanese style Chocolate Fondant with Black Sesame Ice Cream. As if that didn't sound indulgent enough, we opted for the Gonpachi Original Pudding with Saikyomiso. 

After dining, the impression was clear. Paired with exceptional service staff, the flavours and menu selections of Gonpachi Dubai was a force to be reckoned within Dubai's Culinary Scene. If you are a Japanese foodie in Dubai, Gonpachi is definite must try.

Timing: Daily 12pm-12am
Location: Gonpachi, Al Habtoor Boulevard, Dubai

**Strict social distancing measures are to be followed at all venues**
**Call the venue ahead of your visit to confirm new rules and regulations**



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