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Article Published on January 12th 2021

Located at Dubai’s Address Downtown Hotel, 99 Sushi Bar Dubai initially made its mark in Spain. We took an inside look into the sophisticated Japanese Restaurant and Bar in Dubai, and this is what we discovered.


The décor of 99 Sushi Bar Dubai was framed with gold fixtures, amber hues and plush velvet seating. The warm tones and low lighting contributed the sultry and intimate ambience of the venue, making it a perfect hotspot for fine dining in Dubai. The sophisticated restaurant in Dubai hosts a lounge with an indoor and outdoor seating area to indulge in the authentic Japanese cuisine in Dubai. Walking into the outdoor seating area of the high-end venue in Dubai, the rush of anticipation filled our tastebuds.

The smartly dressed service staff of 99 Sushi Bar Dubai who were knowledgeable of the menu and hospitable to a tee, greeted us as we seated. You will notice a polished set of diners alongside you, an upper middle class brigade of professionals enjoying the stunning Burj Khalifa views of 99 Sushi Bar Dubai as they bite into a gem-like caviar sushi.


We opted for the Nigiri Sushi with Tuna and the Lobster Maki to start our 99 Sushi Bar Dubai culinary journey, its flavors soaring to the sky with its stunning intricate presentation. The excellence and consistency of the fresh raw ingredients left us speechless with its perfect ‘melt in your mouth’ quality.


The Tempsuyu Maki topped off with Katsoubishi Tuna flakes dazzled us; our culinary journey peaked by the artistic flair of the dish. The Japanese Pizza with Tuna was a showstopper. The mere craftsmanship of the food was evident by the delicate and gem like quality of 99 Sushi Bar Dubai’s sushi selection, precise is the key word.

Pair the culinary excellence at this Downtown hotspot with a glass of Sea Change Sauvignon Blanc, sip it’s zesty and refreshing taste for an elite-dining affair at 99 Sushi Bar Dubai.


The true highlight of the night was in the carefully hand crafted divinity by 99 Sushi Bar Dubai’s chefs. A decadent and elegant night spent at the venue has left an impression made to last.

*Strict social distancing measures are to be followed at all venues**
**Call the venue ahead of your visit to confirm new rules and regulations**



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