Sunday | August 09, 2020

Intersect by Lexus

After having heard so much about a certain creative space called Intersect by Lexus, we decided it was time to finally embrace our inner hipster, and head down to DIFC to find out what the hype was about.

Walking into the café-restaurant-shop, the futuristic design leaves no doubts as to the luxury car brand backing the unique venture–emulating the classic Lexus interiors, expect to find distinct pieces dotted across the venue including a diamond-shaped carpet to stairs resembling a car tyre.

While discovering these items is a thrill in itself, there’s a lot more to explore in terms of culinary tastes too. With an international menu that works well both for breakfast and lunch, we were pleased to find an interesting mix of different cuisines.

As we decided between the lasagna and butter chicken (an eternal battle for foodies!), our taste buds eventually sided with the North Indian delicacy and it turned out to be a decision we did not live to regret.

A stellar food presentation coupled with a flavorful, creamy curry sauce made this dish about as authentic as we hoped it would be. Simply delish!

The drinks menu turned out to be equally impressive with an expansive selection of gin and sake along with fantastic mocktails and ice tea for those driving back home.

If you’re planning to visit anytime soon, Intersect by Lexus is currently offering a cool 50% off its menu, making this one definitely worth checking out.

For more information or reservations, call up 04-355 9524

Article published: 11th August, 2020


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